Saturday, February 25, 2017

1st Email from the Mexico MTC 2-21-17

Hey mommy!!! I got to mexico safe and have everything good and they rushed us into devotional with President Nelson so thats why we are emailing so late. Im all good when i was going through they stopped me because of the scriptures. Send out an email to everyone on the list please because this week i dont have time to email them. Give them all my love and i miss them like crazy. P-Day is on thursday but i wont have one this week. We are pretty rushed so sorry about the spelling haha. this is going to be a crazy long hard journey but i know i can do it through the lord and i can feel your love and support. Um i dont understand like anything and im lost already alot haha. all i can say is that i love you guys so much.send everyone my love and i miss california and everything in it. i dont have much else to say right now next week should be better. I know im here because someone needs me and i can feeel it. It scares me but ill be fine. Thanks for everything love you so much!!!

Week 73.................40 Days Of FUN!

Hey beautiful people you guys are all amazing and I just love you all. We are going to jump into to it really quick this week because sad...