Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 36 ReCap

 Surprise changes for meeeee

Well hello everyone you guys are all awesome and I love you all. So, this week was probably the fastest week ever in my mission and I don’t really know why hahaha. I do hope that this week went bye fast for you guys also if that’s what you needed and that you are having the best time of your lives. Always stay positive life is amazing. 


  Well anyways about the week We did have a lot to do and we worked as hard as we could because this was the last week of the change here. We just wanted to go out swinging if one of us got changed. We finished the week off really good and we got to baptize 2 more people which was amazing. They are Franco a little boy and then Luis the husband of Erica the Young lady we baptized last week. It was amazing, and the spirit was so strong, I had the privilege to do the baptism with Luis which I will remember forever. We were truly blessed by the lord as we worked as hard as we could and did everything we needed to do.

I have seen so many miracles and I love my Savior and Father in Heaven so much. They are my best friends and they are always here for all of us. Well besides the baptism we received permission from the parents of three little kids to baptize them in 2 weeks and they are awesome and probably the nicest kids I know. Their names are Nelson, Camelia, and Diego and I love them like my little siblings and I hope that they can keep going strong.

Well I don’t have a ton of time to write a big nice email and that’s because I got told I’m getting changed today.

   So anyways last night we got the call and where told that everything was staying the same, and that Elder Ac and I would have another 6 weeks together to keep working hard. But bam out of nowhere this Afternoon at about 1 we got called and told that I’m going to actually be changed to a new area.

My new area is Los Elizondo. I’m with Elder Bradley, I actually know him because we have been in the same zone the last 6 weeks. So anyways with Elder Ac if you guys don’t know he had to have surgery the first week I was with him. President put me with him to help him recover and everything and help him. So, it turns out that Elder Bradley has to have surgery also this week so I’m getting put into help him out, so I get to go be Doctor Davis again haha.

I’m starting to think that the Lord is trying to tell me something about what I should do after my mission and what I should study. So, the next 2 weeks should be interesting with everything and taking care of Elder Bradley recovery.

Well I hope you guys have an awesome week and a sweet Halloween. Oh, and yes, they do have Halloween here I guess we are close enough to the states here that it has come down. Sadly, I don’t think I’m allowed to go get candy hahaha I’m told for that now anyways.

 I love you all and have a wonderful week. Please stays positive and stay focused. Love your loved ones and those who are important to you let them know how much they mean to you.

You are all so special to me and you all mean the world to me.

 Stay smiling and keep pushing forward, you are all so special and the sky is the limit for all of you!!!!

Love Elder Davis

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 35 ReCap

8 months, smiling and loving everything

WOOOOOO!!!!! Well hi everyone I hope you guys had a fantastic and special week. I hope you could feel my love and my prayers, that you may feel my love for each one of you also. I also hope you guys were able to stay positive and feel the love that the Savior has for each one of you because you are all children of our Father in Heaven and he loves all of you.

   So, this week was an adventure and the best week of my mission work and result wise but also the first week in my mission that I got sick actually. ha.

 So, it all started Tuesday where we were able to get to work and put in a lot of good work that turned out good for us. I loved the opportunities I had this week to meet so many new people who wanted to listen to our message and accepted our invitation to listen to a message that can help change their lives.

Oh, something funny also that happened this week was that being American here in my new’ish area is paying off for us I guess haha. We had about 8 people come up to us just to ask me if I could speak English and then they asked why I was here and all that stuff that you could imagine they would ask an American. Well we turned each one of those people and opportunities turned into opportunities to speak to them about the gospel. I was really able to bear my testimony to them about why I’m here. I was able to tell them that I’m here for them because I know they are so so special to their Father in Heaven. That they are never alone and that there is a plan for each one of them that is only for them.

It really built my testimony of all that I was able to share to them by the spirit and I hope each one of you knows that the same is for all of you. So, we ended up having 24 new people accept our invitation and our schedule was full everyday with lots of work to do. We also had a really good turnout at church this week with 7 people coming. I love each one of them along with 5 of them having baptism dates for the upcoming weeks.

Also I had the privilege of BAPTISING this week woooooo! What a blessing that was and it was a beautiful experience and her name is Erica. She is a 19-year-old girl and is awesome, it has been a privilege of ours to work with her and see her grow. 

   Well really quick my sick story haha. So ya Saturday I completed 8 months on my mission and Saturday my body decided to celebrate in a way that was unexpected. So, I’m pretty sure it was something I ate the night before, but I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I had to throw up. It was one of the worst feelings I have had. So, I tried haha but I couldn’t in the morning and the mission life doesn’t stop and we had work to do so I said a prayer and we went to work. The meeting we had to go to with our investigator was really important and it was the last meeting with Erica before her baptism interview. So, I made it through the meeting and then I had to go by bus to another area to help them out there. Well the bus ride killed me, and I was done for half way through the ride which is an hour by bus. So, I sat by a window praying that I could make it off the bus because oh man there was a lot of people on the bus and I didn’t want to make others sick haha. So, we got closer and closer and I was just trying to focus on one spot on the floor of the bus.

Well pray works my family and friends because I made if off the bus and then 15 secs later and legit took about 5 steps away from the bus my sickness came out of me and I threw up to celebrate 8 months hahaha.

Well sorry for sharing that and hope you don’t feel grossed out hahaha. I am fine now though, and all is ok. Went on a super cool hike today in the mountains for our district activity and the view is amazing, the gospel is perfect and I’m truly living my dream here.

   I love you all and stay safe this week. Do the right thing and try every day to be better. Every day we learn and grow. I pray for you all and will see you all in like 16 months from now I think. You guys are my hero’s and a light to me and I look up to all of you.

 Follow the prophet, read your scriptures and pray.

Love you all!

Love Elder Davis

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Week 34 ReCap

On to the next one…….
Hey family and friends!!!!! I pray you are doing good and having a great time wherever you are. Be safe though because the world is crazy haha. Also, if you are in California don’t breathe in too much smoke from all those fires your body is a temple of God take care of it now. So on to my week now I guess...
So, this week I don’t really remember that good because it went by super-fast. I do remember though that on Thursday we had our monthly interviews with president. Those are always amazing and I love President McArthur like my second dad because he truly is called of God to watch over us here. During all the interviews I have ever had, he says the right things and really makes me feel ready to work even harder so that is such a blessing. We focused on how we can all get better every day and how we are all in the place right now where we stand for a reason. Our Father in Heaven has placed us there for a reason. He needs us there and if we listen we can make the best of it and do what he needs us to do. 

Tuesday to Thursday passed by normal just filled with a lot of work and finding new people to teach and trying to work with the people we have been teaching here for the past month. Good news is that one of them did accept a baptism date for this coming Sunday so if all goes to plan Sunday we will have a baptism. Then on Friday I had divisions and I got to go to Escobedo. The place is huggeeee compared to Alianza with a lot more American stuff hahaha. We had a super good day that day and I was able to help find some new investigator in their area and help out in everything they needed. Though that was all great the best part of division was that I GOT TO EAT LITTLE CEAZERS PIZZA hahahaha. It was great and super funny to eat it here in Mexico. Oh, then later that night we got together with the other missionaries in the area and had Burger King haha. Not that good here but hey it was fun to eat from American places that I know. Well that all that went down this week. 

Oh, I did give my longest talk here in church this week in Spanish. It went really good, they asked me to give a talk in church about members helping in missionary work so it was good. I think I went about 15 mins in just Spanish so that was awesome. I know with all my heart the Lord always helps us. I know he wants to help us but he won’t do everything for us. He gives the opportunity to us to choose. We have our free agency so we must do our part and ask him for help.
Always pray my family and friends. If you don’t know how just try you can do it I know all you can. He loves you, you all are very important to him. You truly have a Father in Heaven who knows and loves you always remember that for me please.

Have an awesome week and always keep your heads up…. every day is a new day and love life it’s all a blessing from you Father in Heaven. 
Love you guys a ton and I pray for all of you. Do something good this week and always smile. 
Love your best friend in the world,
Elder Davis

Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 33 Recap 3rd week in Alianza

Week 3 in Alianza alreadyyyy
Well this week went by super-fast and just like all the other ones I don’t know where they went to haha. Well first off, my area is still great and I’m still loving every second out here. It couldn’t be any better and I have learned so much these last 7 months more then I have ever before. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and it’s been only a blessing.
    So ya this week we had a temple trip and a trip back to the doctors for Elder Ac to check up on his nose. His nose is all good and he was super happy because he got signed off to exercise again yayyyy hahha... The little guy works ha ha ha and goes super hard during exercise time so I have started to do it with him. We get going and get a good work out in everyday and it’s been good but it’s been hard also. He just keeps going so I have to keep going and its starting to pay off haha. We do follow all the rules and are in bed by the time every night.
   The temple trip was awesome, we as a rama (Branch) went and had a wonderful time. Elder Ac and I were able to go because some of Elder Ac’s converts went to do baptisms for the first time so that was really cool to be there for that.
    Besides those 2 things we just worked in our area all week. We have had some setbacks, some investigators who have had all the lessons and have gone to church a lot but just need to take the next step and be baptized. A lot of people here seem to want to know everything before they make a big decision. That’s ok it really is but we all need to remember that without our faith we won’t be able to learn everything. Without taking steps that might be big we will not progress. To learn we must trust the teacher and follow what he has invited us to do. The greatest teacher of all is truly our savior Jesus Christ, all he has ever done is invite us to follow him. So, we must follow him.
   I have had so many great amazing things happen here and have made so many memories. Taking big steps is hard trust me going out on a mission was a big leap of faith but oh how it has changed my life for the better in so many ways.
  Keep your heads up this week and push forward in faith always. Miss, you guys and love you all. Be a light to the world always. If we mess up its ok we have tomorrow to do better. Focus on the good and throw away the bad. Everyday can truly be an amazing day if we look at it the right way.
   Also, every week can be an amazing week so I bless you to have an amazing week.
   Keep smiling always smile.
Love Elder Davis

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 32 recap

New Area same old adjective

What is up family and friends!!!

I love all you guys I want you to be reminded of that right off the bat. I pray you guys had an amazing week also. Time is flying out here so I bet you guys feel it also but don’t forget to stop and enjoy everything.

     Well this week Elder Ac and I where able to get out and work finally. We had enough of being inside and just wanted to get back out and work. We had a good week finding and teaching people. We had 2 people come to watch general conference this weekend which was awesome. They both have baptism fetchas (dates) which we are looking forward to them coming unto to Christ very soon here.

      It’s been a lot of work lately and its starting to pay off with blessing that are truly amazing. One miracle that happened this week was that one of our investigators told us he was too busy for church this week. We called him Sunday morning and he told us that so we kind of talked to him about putting god first and everything else will follow. But he still told us no that he had no time so we said ok and then went on our way.  We prayed as a companionship that he might change his mind and then right before we left the house I said a prayer with all my heart that by the grace of my father in heaven he would come. So, we went to conference and we had one investigator there and this was with like 2 min before it started. SO, I was getting my note book ready but still hoping he would come. Then with a minute before I look behind me and there he is walking down the aisle towards us. Tears filled my eyes as I shook his hand, he told us that he had legit ran to conference and church to make it in time. I truly do love my Savior and miracles are in our lives every day.

       Ok now I know every or just about every missionary letter you will read this week will have something about this weekend ha-ha. I know that you might not want to read more about it but I am being guided by the spirit to share so here it goes. General conference was amazing. I truly felt my heart change as I listened to all the talks. I know that you guys to may receive a change of heart by listening if you do it in faith.

 So, it was the first time I have watched in Spanish and I was very nervous about that. But I went with faith and a prayer in my heart that I would be able to understand the speakers. I know without a doubt in my heart that my prayer was answered and that I heard and understood the things I needed in that moment to understand and that my Father in Heaven needed me to understand. I know our Savior lives and of how sweet that sentence truly is. I just want all my brothers and sisters in this world to know that also. He truly did give everything for us and I will never be able to repay him for that.

     At first to be honest I thought my mission could almost be like my make up for what he has given me. Though being out here I know I was truly wrong and far from right and that he has just blessed me even more. I pray my service never stops for my Savior and I truly pray I can do this forever and he can use me how he needs me to be used. I have truly trusted him with my life and I am ready for him to use me how he wants. With my heart filled with his spirit and with a readiness to do all. With much love I look forward to this week that we may be a light to the people here. 

      If you didn’t get a chance go back and read the talks. If you did listen to it go back and read the talks with a heartful prayer.    I love all you guys so much. You guys are a light to me. You strengthen me and are an example to me. Have a safe week. Have a wonderful week. I do pray for you all. I know our Savior loves you all.   Look for him he is there.

With love I send this too you all. With love I end this letter. 

 Love Elder Davis

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

Dear Family and Friends!!! What a great, amazing, happy day it is today! I say that because honestly everyday can be a happy day if ...