Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 88..........On to the double digits!

Well once again Hello my beautiful Family and friends. I honestly feel like I wrote just like 3 days ago so we will see what I remember from this week. I do remember that I love you all and I know I will always remember that. Also I hope and pray that you all can always remember that you are beloved Children of a very loving Father In Heaven who wants the best for every single one of you!

Ok so lets start off with the best thing that happened this week.... That was this Sunday I got to watch a Primary Program for the first time in Spanish!! It was such a happy amazing thing to be able to listen to the children of the church sing and share little messages that they worked to memorize. I know that the children in the world are so special and I know we can learn so much from how loving they are. The spirit was so strong and it was something that I will remember for a long time.

So besides that the week was a really normal week and that was amazing. We worked everyday trying to find new people to teach and that has been the thing that we have been focusing on the most lately here in the area.

The weather here has also been super nice so that makes all things happy also. We have seen many blessings over the last weeks and it truly testifies to me that this is truly the Lords work that he is leading.

I know our Savior lives and I know he wants to help us in all that we have. I also know that he is always there for us at all times. No matter what we are going through he is by our side. I know he is there to pick us up when we fall and I know he is the light when need in the dark moments that we pass through.

We are never alone even if we feel that we are because our Savior is always there. He smiles with us when we are happy also and I know he wants us all to always be happy. For that purpose I know he gave his life for us all and put in place his teachings of happiness. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings joy and I am so blessed to be sharing it every single day.
I love my mission and I love everything I have learned. I love My Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ he is my best friend and the one we all can count on at all times.
I hope you all have an amazing week filled with light and love. Keep smiling always keep smiling the lord is on your side and Heaven is cheering you all on!
I love you all!
Love your Friend Elder Davis!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Week 87.............Its getting closer...

Family and friends!!!

I love you and thank you all so much for you Love, thoughts, and prayers! I truly feel them all and I hope you all can also feel all my love I send here to you all from Mexico!
Thank you for all that you do everyday in your lives I know you are all doing the best you can. Keep doing the best you can and your Father In Heaven will bless you with what you need!

So real fast once again I will fill you all In on another amazing week here In the greatest place on earth!

1. This week we had another fun and crazy week in the trio of happiness haha. We had the opportunity to have another baptism of another young adult named Mauricio! He is amazing and such a wonderful person. After his baptism as he was changing he told us that he had never felt so calm in his life before and that he just felt clean. That was amazing to hear from someone we have seen work so hard to prepare for his special day. I will always remember his love for the gospel and his desire to complete with all things. I love him like a brother and I cant wait to continue to see him grow.

2. It was another cold week here but I think my body is finally getting used to cold again so it wasn't as bad.

3. We got taken out to dinner this week by a member in the ward which was super nice of them!

4. I got to have intercambios ( exchanges) with the missionaries from central this week and that was a great time working with them!

5. We meet new people and saw the hand of the Lord directing us in the everyday work this week and I am so grateful for that and I know he wants to help us all out we just have to be willing to follow him and his direction he will share.

Well it was another fast week here which makes me a little sad because this time has flown by so fast. I love my mission it has gone by so fast and it has shocked me to realize that I have now Completed 20 months out here.
I am so happy I still have 4 months left but scared at how fast they will go. The decision I made to serve a mission over 2 years ago has changed my life forever and was hands down the greatest decision I have ever made, I know that with all my heart.

I love my Father In Heaven so much and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know they live. I know with all my heart they Love us. I am scared to go home but luckily I still have time to prepare for that. I know this Is the Lords work. I know there is so much happiness and joy in being obedient to the commandments of God and in this gospel. I have come to understand what Joy truly is and I am so thankful for that teaching I have received!

Have an amazing week!! I love you all and I know you all are loved so much from those who are looking down on you from Heaven.
Love your friend Elder Davis!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Week 86...........Its winter already???

Hi everyone!!!
What a great week it was this past week and what a blessing it is that we are now into another week wooo!

What a blessing we all have to grow this week and to learn new things! It is just the best that we get this time to learn, change, and grow we are truly blessed! I also hope all went well for all you this last week and that you all are having great experiences and learning lots!

Ok so really quickly I am going to fill you all in on the week that we had!

1. So first things first this last Sunday in the morning Joel was baptized!!! What an amazing time that was and it was such a blessing to see him change and want to take this step in his life. He is a 20 years old and is awesome and is a great friend now and one who I will always remember. He taught me many things as we have had the chance to teach him but the thing I learned most form him is that we must have our own personal desire to change and follow the Savior. It is all in our own hands and if we chose to we can come to learn and start to understand all we need to do to return home. We also have all the power to change for the better if we need to what a blessing!

2. It is starting to get really cold here and that is weird to me haha. i am for sure used to the heat so the change in the weather will be interesting but hey changes are good and we always can learn a lot from changes!

3. We were able to go help our fellow district missionaries this week by having a blitzz I think it is called in English. It is just where all of us in the district which is 11 of us went and worked in one of the areas to help them out. That was a lot of fun and we saw a lot of success which was good!

4. I had another opportunity to do a Baptism Interview and that was another amazing experience. I know our Savior loves each and one of his children and I know by the Holy Ghost we can feel his love for ourselves and also for others!

5. I had my first Banana Split here in Mexico which was exciting but sadly I was not able to finish it all haha.

6. This week for the food appointments we had a lot of pasta haha. We had spaghetti like 3 times and also lasagna 2 times and that was yummy.

7. Today we had our zone activity and I got to play basketball and we also ate Costco food which was a first! It was a ton of fun though!

Well that is all I can remember hahaha and this coming week or I guess the week we are now starting will be a blast also! We have the opportunity to have zone conference with President this week so that means we will get to learn a lot!
Well I love you all and I need you all to know that your Savior and Father In Heaven love you all so much also.

Keep pushing and never give up. There is a plan for each and everyone of us I have no doubts about that. Our Father In Heaven wants us to return and wants us to be happy also!
I love you all!
Love your Friend Elder Davis!

Week 85.......New beginings!

Family and Friends you are all amazing keep it up!!!
I love you all and hope all things are going amazing! What a great time we surly live in right now it is hard and there are many difficult things but we also are so blessed to have so much light and direction!

Well I will start with the information on my new Companion wooo!!! So his name is Elder Woolstenhulme and he is from Napa Idaho! He is 19 years old and is a stud! He is learning fast and his Spanish is getting better every single day and it has been a lot of fun to help teach him some Spanish. It has also been fun seeing him working hard on his Spanish and reminds me of how it was when I first got here to the Mission about 20 months ago and how I battled also to learn Spanish. That experience though taught me so and now I know our Father in Heaven truly helps us with all we try to learn and do for his sake. He wants to bless us it is so amazing! We are truly so Lucky!

About the week now...

So this week was a really good one. the first couple days we did kinda have to go through a adjusting period with us being in a trio. It has been a lot of fun though being with the other 2 Elders and we are getting along great. So a blessing that happened this week is that 2 of our Investigators accepted dates for Baptism! One has a date for this coming Saturday the 13th and then the other one is for the 27th of October!
We have been giving it all we got so that will be such a great blessing for this area and the people! Other things that happened were just normal missionary stuff and I honestly can’t remember that well what happened because it all blends together now haha. We did get to play basketball today which was a lot of fun! I surly do love Basket ball!

Well Lastly I would like to finish up just by sharing we are all truly so blessed. This past weekend was General Conference weekend and how truly inspiring it was! I love President Nelson and I know He has been called of God as the Prophet at this time. We need him and oh how he has blessed our lives with his teachings and guidance. I also know that the 12 Apostles are called of God and the words they speak are also guiding words for us to follow in these days. We are so blessed! I invite all who weren't able to watch it, to go watch it. I promise you it is worth your time and you will receive answers to doubts that you have if you open your heart to the messages they shared with us!
I love you all and I hope you all have an amazing week! Keep smiling always!!! Trust in the plan that God has for YOU!
Love your Friend Elder Davis!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Week 84........Now I get to walk around In a Big 3!

Family and Friends what a blessing it is to be alive!!!

 I hope you all had an amazing week and I hope all is well. I also hope that this coming week will be filled with happy things! You are all so special so keep going and trying to improve you can do it I know you can!

 Well so this week was a super fun week for me. I was able to do Intercambios (exchanges) with 2 Elders this week and that made the week pass by so quick. Ok first off Tuesday I got to work with one of our Secretaries here in our mission named Elder Gonzales. He is a super good guy and it was super fun to work with him for a day. I also got to see a little of what a Secretary does so ya I am very thankful for all the hard work that they do for us. Also a perk of working with him I got to stay the night In the Big mission house we have and it was a blast.

Ok then Thursday I got to work with the one and only Elder Aden Joseph Pierce from  Santa Rosa, California who goes home now in 3 days. It was such a blast to work with him for the first and last time here in the Mission. He has become one of my best friends over these past 19 months and will be missed. I love the opportunity I have to work with so many great missionaries what a blessing it is for sure. 

 So the rest of the week went by super duper fast and It is crazy I am already here writing again that is for sure. Anyways I think the biggest shocker of my week was that this morning I was called and told that I would be having the opportunity to train again! The thing is that I am training Elder Cruz right now and will continue to train him along with the new missionary that we will go get tomorrow. So now I will be in a trio with my 2 son’s haha and it will be an interesting week figuring out how to train 2 Elders at once. It will be a blast though I know that for sure. The Lord has so many special things in store for us I know that is so true. I know with all my heart he is just waiting to bless us but we just need to act and do our part to receive the blessing he wants to give us.

This weekend we have such an amazing opportunity to listen to the living Prophet of God during General Conference. I want to invite you all to watch it with a prayer in your hearts looking for answers. I know we can find answers to all our doubts if we look in faith and with an open mind.

I love you all and hope you all have the opportunity to watch this weekend Saturday and Sunday. I know our Savior lives and I know he gave his life for us all. Personally I know he gave his life for me that I can change and continue to get better.

 I love you all! Have an awesome week!

Love your friend Elder Davis!

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

Dear Family and Friends!!! What a great, amazing, happy day it is today! I say that because honestly everyday can be a happy day if ...