Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 33 Recap 3rd week in Alianza

Week 3 in Alianza alreadyyyy
Well this week went by super-fast and just like all the other ones I don’t know where they went to haha. Well first off, my area is still great and I’m still loving every second out here. It couldn’t be any better and I have learned so much these last 7 months more then I have ever before. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and it’s been only a blessing.
    So ya this week we had a temple trip and a trip back to the doctors for Elder Ac to check up on his nose. His nose is all good and he was super happy because he got signed off to exercise again yayyyy hahha... The little guy works ha ha ha and goes super hard during exercise time so I have started to do it with him. We get going and get a good work out in everyday and it’s been good but it’s been hard also. He just keeps going so I have to keep going and its starting to pay off haha. We do follow all the rules and are in bed by the time every night.
   The temple trip was awesome, we as a rama (Branch) went and had a wonderful time. Elder Ac and I were able to go because some of Elder Ac’s converts went to do baptisms for the first time so that was really cool to be there for that.
    Besides those 2 things we just worked in our area all week. We have had some setbacks, some investigators who have had all the lessons and have gone to church a lot but just need to take the next step and be baptized. A lot of people here seem to want to know everything before they make a big decision. That’s ok it really is but we all need to remember that without our faith we won’t be able to learn everything. Without taking steps that might be big we will not progress. To learn we must trust the teacher and follow what he has invited us to do. The greatest teacher of all is truly our savior Jesus Christ, all he has ever done is invite us to follow him. So, we must follow him.
   I have had so many great amazing things happen here and have made so many memories. Taking big steps is hard trust me going out on a mission was a big leap of faith but oh how it has changed my life for the better in so many ways.
  Keep your heads up this week and push forward in faith always. Miss, you guys and love you all. Be a light to the world always. If we mess up its ok we have tomorrow to do better. Focus on the good and throw away the bad. Everyday can truly be an amazing day if we look at it the right way.
   Also, every week can be an amazing week so I bless you to have an amazing week.
   Keep smiling always smile.
Love Elder Davis

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 32 recap

New Area same old adjective

What is up family and friends!!!

I love all you guys I want you to be reminded of that right off the bat. I pray you guys had an amazing week also. Time is flying out here so I bet you guys feel it also but don’t forget to stop and enjoy everything.

     Well this week Elder Ac and I where able to get out and work finally. We had enough of being inside and just wanted to get back out and work. We had a good week finding and teaching people. We had 2 people come to watch general conference this weekend which was awesome. They both have baptism fetchas (dates) which we are looking forward to them coming unto to Christ very soon here.

      It’s been a lot of work lately and its starting to pay off with blessing that are truly amazing. One miracle that happened this week was that one of our investigators told us he was too busy for church this week. We called him Sunday morning and he told us that so we kind of talked to him about putting god first and everything else will follow. But he still told us no that he had no time so we said ok and then went on our way.  We prayed as a companionship that he might change his mind and then right before we left the house I said a prayer with all my heart that by the grace of my father in heaven he would come. So, we went to conference and we had one investigator there and this was with like 2 min before it started. SO, I was getting my note book ready but still hoping he would come. Then with a minute before I look behind me and there he is walking down the aisle towards us. Tears filled my eyes as I shook his hand, he told us that he had legit ran to conference and church to make it in time. I truly do love my Savior and miracles are in our lives every day.

       Ok now I know every or just about every missionary letter you will read this week will have something about this weekend ha-ha. I know that you might not want to read more about it but I am being guided by the spirit to share so here it goes. General conference was amazing. I truly felt my heart change as I listened to all the talks. I know that you guys to may receive a change of heart by listening if you do it in faith.

 So, it was the first time I have watched in Spanish and I was very nervous about that. But I went with faith and a prayer in my heart that I would be able to understand the speakers. I know without a doubt in my heart that my prayer was answered and that I heard and understood the things I needed in that moment to understand and that my Father in Heaven needed me to understand. I know our Savior lives and of how sweet that sentence truly is. I just want all my brothers and sisters in this world to know that also. He truly did give everything for us and I will never be able to repay him for that.

     At first to be honest I thought my mission could almost be like my make up for what he has given me. Though being out here I know I was truly wrong and far from right and that he has just blessed me even more. I pray my service never stops for my Savior and I truly pray I can do this forever and he can use me how he needs me to be used. I have truly trusted him with my life and I am ready for him to use me how he wants. With my heart filled with his spirit and with a readiness to do all. With much love I look forward to this week that we may be a light to the people here. 

      If you didn’t get a chance go back and read the talks. If you did listen to it go back and read the talks with a heartful prayer.    I love all you guys so much. You guys are a light to me. You strengthen me and are an example to me. Have a safe week. Have a wonderful week. I do pray for you all. I know our Savior loves you all.   Look for him he is there.

With love I send this too you all. With love I end this letter. 

 Love Elder Davis

Monday, September 25, 2017

week 31 Recap

House partyyyyssss
Well hi everyone I hope all is well first off. Hope you guys had a safe weekend and all your dreams came true this week. If not have patience for in time all will happen that needs to happen.
So not much happened this week and that is because I have been in my house all week. So it’s been an interesting week filled with a lot of studying, Spanish and helping my companion.

So ya my companion had surgery the day after changes so that was a surprise to me haha. I didn’t find out he was having it until after the changes when he told me. So, Wednesday morning we headed to Monterrey and he had his surgery at about 11 am. I was away from him and without a companion for about 5 hrs. that was a new experience but I just sat in the waiting room with the worker hahha. So, we ended up having to the stay the night after his surgery in the hospital so that was super exciting sleeping in the hospital room. He had surgery on his nose by the way because he had like 4 different infections all up in there. So, I stayed the night, the hospital was super nice. I ended up taking like 4 showers to pass time because they had hot water and I haven’t taken a shower with hot water for like 5 months. So, the hospital stay went good and his surgery went good also so that was amazing.

We then got home Thursday and I have been taking care of him since then. He has to take a bunch of medicine each day so I have been his at home doctor for him. I have to have him take his pills at 8 am, 10am, 4pm, 8pm, then my favorite one 12 am. They are all different ones so it’s all good. I also have had to help him walk up and down the stairs in our house because he gets light headed super easy so that’s been awesome. The truth though is that it has been awesome serving him the past week. I have been in my house pretty much all week just helping him. I have definitely learned to have more patience in my life and just to stay positive through it all. I did get out of the house for like 2 hrs. Friday and then Saturday on divisions or short changes with the other Elders here. Well that’s all from me this week. We should be able to start doing missionary work again next Monday.

Stay positive always through all things. You really can learn new things that god wants you to learn through everything that happens. Who knows maybe me feeling like a doctor is telling me that maybe that’s what I should do in life haha.

Read the scriptures my friends and pray always. I love all you guys. Don’t forget the small simple things. Build a foundation that will never shake and build it on the gospel of Jesus Christ. With the gospel, all things all possible.
Push forward alwayssss!!!ç
Love Elder Davis

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 30 Recap


What is good my beautiful friends and family!!! Well this week was a quick one and a lot happened. I hope you guys had an amazing week this week also. I don’t have much time this week so I will jump right to it. 

   Well yep the time has come to say good bye to my first area on my mission. It has been an incredible last 6 months here filled with so many stories and crazy adventures I will never forget about.  Linares will always have a special place in my heart and it has become my second home. The people are amazing and this is the place where I first learned Spanish haha. I have my lifelong friends, some of you will hear all about the stories I had here when I get home. 

 So, my new area is Alianza Real and it is I think north of Monterrey. I hear that it is all desert up there so that will be super fun haha. I can’t wait for the opportunity to go serve the people and share this beautiful message with them. My new companion will be Elder Ac from Guatemala and I guess he doesn’t speak any English hahah should be fun!!!!

 I love all you guys, be safe and choose the right.

 Tell the ones close to you that you love them and spend time with your family this week.

 Love you all, do the small, simple things always and build a strong foundation for the future.

Catch you next week from my new area!

 Love Elder Davis 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 29th Recap

Rain Rain you can stay if you want
Well first of I HOPE EVERYONE HAD AN AMAZING WEEKKKK!!!!! Ya so I hope you guys had a sweet week and it was just how you guys wanted it. Mine was good.  Oh Congrats to Mitchell and Becca Boberg, another Cousin Wedding with sealing in the Temple while I’m gone ha.. 
Well it has gotten cooler here so that’s been really nice but it has also been raining a lot. It rained about 5 out of the 7 days this week and when it rains here it rains a lot. The weather does like to play with you and that’s no fun because then you don’t know what to wear for that day. This week it was cold in the morning cold enough for sweaters so we rocked the sweater a few times. Then came the heat at about noon and I wanted to throw my sweater away because it was a dumb idea to bring it. Then came the rain at about 5ish and there are like no clouds in the morning so then I get all wet and it’s just so much fun. It truly has been fun though because its funny to see people’s reactions when to white, soaking wet missionaries knock on their doors, they just laugh and ask what we are doing but it does show them all something. It shows that we are truly here for them and only them.
 Well besides the weather everyone here in Linares and in my zone, are thinking it’s my last week here. I have about 6 months here in Linares now which is insane to think about and I have enjoyed every day of it and I will cherish this little town for the rest of my life. We have transfers next Monday so that’s why everybody is saying that and its starting to set in that they are probably right but who knows it’s what the lord has planned not us. I truly have fallen in love with these people and this town though, they have stolen my heart from everyone  else across the border (sorry not sorry... but of course I still love you mommy!!) I have made some friends that one-day I hope you guys get the pleasure of meeting and I know whoever my future wife is (haha warning to you whoever you are) but she better like Mexico because I’m for sure coming to visit my family here in Linares.
   So yes, the mission has been the best thing to date in my life and I have learned so much. Every day we truly have opportunities to learn so always be ready. I have filled you all in on my life and all the stuff happening in Linares so now it’s your turn to fill me in on your life fammmm.
I hope you all have a fantastic week, hey I miss you all and love you all… know that always please.
Oh, ya side note I hit 200 days in the mission so please have a party for me and if someone could please go get a Slurpee in my honor take a pic and send it to me I would appreciate it haha.  (
Well keep doing everything you need to be doing and put yourself in position to be safe and to have success.
 Plan everything out and ask your Father in Heaven for help. I know you all can do wonderful things and I’m proud of you all.
 Be happy, Stay happy and stay worthy for the guidance of the spirit. I had some of the most spiritual experiences ever this week and I truly do know that each and everyone of us can always have those. You all have talents also use them but first find them.
Thanks for everything. Love you all!!!
Love Elder Davis
PS.... Like seriously though have a wonderful week and always smile, heaven is cheering you on and backing you up, there is no way you guys can lose if you really try your best and someone go get a Slurpee in my honor haha!!!! LOTS OF LOVE

Monday, September 4, 2017

28th week recap

I Have  a Fan club in Linares
Well here I am again at my good old friend the computer. Well this week was crazy. Surprise meeting lots of time on the bus and then just random storms and random people yelling at us haha.
Well to start off thanks for all your love and support. You guys are honestly the best and I have truly felt all your love and prayers for me throughout my journey so far. It has been hard sometime not now but in the beginning, I did have some nights and mornings where I wanted to give up.   I thought I would never be able to do this but I kept pushing. The thing that helped me the most was feeling all your guys love and getting emails THANKS A TON!!!
  Ahhhh first something funny that happened this week is while on the way back from the bus station we ran into some fans I guess ahaha. So, we are the only people from the United States out here in Linares so it’s easy for everyone to tell it’s us because we are kind of white haha. A first on my mission is that while riding our bikes we turned a corner and there on the side of the road was a little group of people.  We kept riding minding our own business because we had a cita (appointment) to go to so we couldn’t stop and talk to them. We kept going and all of a sudden one of the people turned around and she screams at the top of her lungs the Americans AHHHHHhhhhhh and they all pulled their phones out and started to take pictures of us hahaha. Well it was really funny and once we turned the next corner we stopped and had a good laugh because we couldn’t believe what had just happened.
 Also, this week it rained a ton, yesterday we were out in the middle of the town when it started and we were headed to a meeting about the time it started pouring. So, we got stuck in a thunder storm in Centro (Center) and had to wait it out. While waiting, Elder Snow and I ran out into the street and the storm which dumped so much water the streets were flooded to help some people pull these giant inflatables that were being taken down the street by the water.
Fun times on the mission fun times haha.
    The work this week was ok we just faced a lot of opposition that made it a little tough on us. I have truly learned that before we achieve good thing or receive blessing we must go through trails and opposition because there are 2 sides to everything. I know that sometimes it can get really hard and sometimes it doesn’t come easy but that is when we need to put our heads down pray and just receive the help from the Savior.
 We were able to do some good contacting this week but it seemed that a lot of people didn’t want to listen to us or they were just all too busy. We kept smiling and found some awesome people who have that special desire to learn and listen. I know that it takes patience to listen to us and especially, haha because I don’t speak Spanish perfect. Sometimes it’s just really funny because I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me haha.
   The truth though is that the work here is truly amazing and the truth is that it’s all true. I love my time here and I do love this gospel with all my heart. It has been the greatest blessing in my life. It has gotten me through hard times and has helped me receive answers to some of the biggest questions I have ever had. I bear my testimony of the truthfulness of it all. It is filled with love and help. I don’t want you to only believe my word though. That’s what we always tell everyone here. Ask god about it! He is there for you and he knows all. He knows all and he loves you. You all have a Father in Heaven and I invite all you this week to pray to him and ask him a question because in love he will answer you. I love all you guys a ton.
Have a great amazing week and keep pushing through all things.
 Pray and read the scriptures and go to church they all help.... I promise!
 Love Elder Davis

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 27

Week something idk... I forgot.

Well bam bam!!! Another week gone. Well this week was awesome and just keeps getting better from the News that I have read today from Emails! First off happy late bday to my little bro bro Jared. Even though you are probably taller than me by now you are still a little boy but hey 15 you are moving up in the world. Also, congrats to my awesome Cousin Kelli and to Daniel on the marriage yee yee the temple is truly the best place to get married and hopefully one day I get to follow in your guys footsteps hahaha. (got like 2 years left before that happens).

 So, I hope that you guys all had a wonderful week and it was filled with tons of fun and safety. This week we had zone conference Friday and then District conference Saturday and Sunday so that was a really good way to end the week. 

    They talked about service all this weekend so that’s what I want to talk about a little. Service is honestly something that we have the opportunity to do every day. It can just be a simple thing for someone else that’s all. When you do participate in service I promise you will receive so much happiness and anything you do will bring you closer to your Father in Heaven. I Love to help other people because that where happiness and joy really comes from. I know I have the greatest opportunity in my life right now to give my everything to service so I will do it with all I have.
 I know all you have lots going on but if you have the opportunity to make someone’s day and also yours by doing what you Father in Heaven wants you to do.

I love you all and pray you have a great week. Put your head down and do what is right and fight off temptation to do evil things. There is always opposition in all things also so always do the small and simple things like read the scriptures and pray to give you strength to fight the opposition.

 I love you all so much and miss you all!! Have a fantastic week.
 Love your BFF Elder Davis.

 Oh, PS shout out to the fam for the letters and the boxes you guys make my weeks love you tons… you are the best

Monday, August 21, 2017

26 week 6 months out on his mission

Temple finallyyyy

Well what another quick and crazy week! This week was awesome and just another wonderful week in the mission. We again had a good showing at church with 4 investigators, we are praying that one of them gets baptized in about a week. Her date is set for the 3rd of September, she is progressing awesome.  She is amazing because every time she comes to church she has brought a new friend and then teaches that friend about everything... truly amazing.

Well besides that we have been working super hard every day out here.   As you do your part the Lord will truly help you out and do his part. I just know with all my heart he is just waiting for you to just try, as you try he will make you stronger helping you in all things. I have truly seen that with my Spanish as it truly has gotten so much better as I have put so much work into it. It has been hard but the blessings of being able to speak are so great. I also had divisions (exchanges or Splits) this week with the other Elders in Linares. The Elder I got put with has 2 months out on his mission so for the first time in my mission I was the senior companion haha. Well we did some good work that day that we were together, we had the opportunity to place 5 baptism dates with some new investigators and with a family Elder Snow and I have been teaching here for about 4 weeks.
Well as the title of my email says I finally got to go again to the temple here in my mission. It has been about 5 months since I have gone inside a temple and it was the first time I have gone inside this one here in Monterrey.  We were able to tour the outside of the temple back in June.
 Oh, how lovely it was, truly was amazing to be back inside the house of the Lord. It should be our main focus in our lives if we are old enough, go to the temple and go as often as possible. What blessings truly can come from the temple. It is the most special place on earth and a place we can truly feel the presence of the Lord.
 Well I do have a story that I will always remember about this temple. To get more details you can either ask my mom or email me haha. Well I passed out or fainted, idk really while I was at the temple. It was the first time in my life that that has happened to me, that will be a memory forever. I do know why and it was because I didn’t have any food or water in my system, at least that is what we all think. I’m ok now and totally fine.
Work is normal and I’m still out in the heat preaching the gospel because there is nothing that can happen to stop this magnificent work.
I love you all and pray you have an amazing week this week.
 Put your head up and choose the right and blessing will come I promise.
 I love you all and pray for you every day.
 Till next week, love Elder Davis

Monday, August 14, 2017

25th week recap

TRIOOOOO for a day yeeeee
Well ya this week was a little crazy hahaha. First off don’t have much time so sorry if the emails are a little short I’ll try my best. Well this week we had a trio for a day, that was yesterday so not that bad. We had it because one of the Elders on the other side of Linares finished his mission and had to go to the offices so that meant we got to be in a trio with all of Linares. It was fun but a lot of bike riding. This week we were also able to really teach the people and help them make commitments. We were able to place 5 baptism dates which was awesome, but then 4 of them fell through because the people weren’t able to make it to church. That was a bummer but we will go back, talk to them and try to do it again. We had zone activity today, that’s why I’m on a little later and don’t have much time. There were only 8 of us there because everything that had happened so it was a little weird but good hahaha.
I do love it out here still and every day is something new and something amazing. Every day we can make everything turn for good or bad. Please be careful every day because I want all of you there when I return so I get to see you again. Do the small and simple things it truly is the way to success you have to set the good solid foundation before you can build up. There is always someone there to help you also, all you have to do is pray with all your heart. 
Well thanks for everything you guys do and always keep smiling, life is fantastic it is all a gift and a blessing. I know that LA Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los Últimos días (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is the true church on the world today. It has always been true. I bear you my witness of that and my heart felt testimony that you can all truly find out by simply asking your Father in Heaven in prayer. Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet of God and everything he says comes from our Savior. I love him and I sustain him with my heart and all my soul. Come to find the truth for yourself. I invite you this week to ask again and to search for that answer it will come I promise.
I love you all and pray you have an awesome week. Time fly’s when you are having the best time in your life especially like 6 months when you give everything to the work you are called to do.
Love you all. Be safe and have a great week 
Elder Davis

Monday, August 7, 2017

week 24

Welll drum rollllllllllllll!!!!....... I’m still here in Linares!!!! Hahahaha. Well we had changes yesterday and since I have 4 months here already in good old Linares we were expecting that I would get changed. But nope still alive here for 6 more weeks. That will mean that 1/4 of my mission I will be in one place with the same people.
I am happy that I am staying here because I didn’t really feel like packing yesterday and today haha. Elder Snow is still here with me also so nothing changed with us at all. I do love it here and these people have for sure become my family over the last 18 weeks and its crazy that I have been here that long anyways. 
Well not much happened this week. We really went out working with less actives this week and people who haven’t gone to church in a while, it was awesome to be with all of them. We ended up having a lot of success with them and we had 8 less actives at church yesterday which was big for us. Our investigators have been a different story. They don’t like waking up on Sundays to go to church even though church is at 9 am it’s not that hard but ya I guess they just like to sleep. So, we couldn’t get anyone of the investigators to church this last week but this Sunday we will change that around and just get everyone there.
It’s still been hot here and like I’m done sweating, I don’t think I could sweat anymore. It’s pretty Knarly like straight up you walk outside and you just start sweating it’s pretty funny. Its nasty though so I don’t like it that much hahaha. It is good though for us white boys because we are getting darker so maybe soon people will stop calling us gueros(white skinned haha)
Well this week I study and thought a lot about the choices we make. Every day we have the opportunity to make choices for ourselves. That is truly a God given gift given to us to test us and to allow us to grow into what we can truly become. This week I ask you in love to truly think about what you are doing every day. Are you choosing something that will bring you closer to your Father in Heaven and help you return to him? Or are you choosing stuff that can hurt yourself or your loved one or more especially your Father in Heaven? HE truly does love you all. He truly does care and he is watching you all, wanting you to come back. He cries when you do and he has joy when you do. 
Be strong and pray about what to do when you have a tough choice to make. Just think about the ones who love you when you come to make a big choice. He has a plan for each one of you and he will help you. 
With all my heart, I share that he will help you, he always will and I can’t say it enough but he loves you all. I love you all also for I feel his love for each and every one of you.
Have a wonderful week. I pray for your safety and happiness.
love you all,
Love Elder Davis!!!!

Week 23

It’s kinda like really hot
Well ya its been really hot here haha. Hey but I’m in Mexico so its suppose to be like that right.... Well this week again flew by and I can’t really stop to do all the things we want. We have been working so hard in our area and its been tough because we haven’t really seen the pay off from our work but we have so much faith and love for our Savior and theses people here. We just know that for the next exchange no matter who is here in Linares they will have success because of what we have done. Ya about changes we find out next Sunday where our new area will be if we get changed. I have 4 months here now so more then likely I will get changed to a new area. I have fallen in love with this little town though and it does mean the world to me. I really can’t picture me working somewhere else but I know where ever I’m called its where the lord needs me.
We went to the lake today haha for our district activity. We can not swim so we got to just look at it hahah. It was super pretty though and really blue so I thought it was worth the 2 hr bike ride in like 110 degree weather but everyone else didn’t hahaha. Besides all the heat and the sun burns I have gotten its honestly has been amazing here. I truly love every second of my mission. I couldn’t see me anywhere else. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and I have defiantly changed for the better but I’m still the same in some ways. I love our Savior and I will do anything here people asks me to do. I cant wait to share the stories I have gotten here with all of you and I cant wait to return to my savior when I am called home to him. I know with all my heart that he lives and he loves everyone of you and he knows you. I will never deny my love for him and my father in heaven. The are truly my light in this dark and crazy world. 
To all of my friends who are about to go on missions or are thinking about going.... I love you and I pray for you always. You are such an example to me and you all make me so happy and proud. You have changed my life by your examples and the faith you have to leave your families for a season and to give all you have to the Savior. 
To all my other beautiful friends and family I love you all and miss you. You are also example to me every day I wake up and try to make you all proud and I hope one day I get to see you all again and truly thanks you for everything. 
Stay strong. Do the small and simple things for great and marvel thing will truly come from your faith.
Read the scriptures and pray always. 
Work hard and forget yourself and get to work. 
Love your best friend Elder Davis

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 22

hmmmm another one already
Hmmmmmm I don’t think it has been already like 7 days since I last wrote what is going on here. I don’t really know where to start off hmmmmm. Well time flies when you are having fun and working all day everyday while trying to figure out what’s happening hahaha. Sometimes with Spanish, I still don’t get it but it’s still super funny I think. I just laugh at it because people will ask me questions in big Spanish words and I just stare back at them. Its awesome though and I have learned a lot over the last 4 weeks with Elder Snow. We have had a lot of work every day and in our planners for this week almost every day is full. It’s starting to be hard to find time to fit everyone in. We want to visit with everyone though and share this wonderful message with the whole town of Linares. We have started doing English classes on Wednesdays (don’t remember if I already told you all haha). English classes have been fun but only our ward mission leader victor has showed up the last 2 times so I don’t know how long classes will last haha. We have zone conference this week on Friday so we will take a bus up to Monte Moralas it is like an hour away for Linares. 
This week we were able to talk to lots of people and some who were really excited about the church and had lots of awesome questions. It’s just been super-hot here lately, I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in my life and not really sure how it’s possible to sweat so much haha. We are really focusing on our Rama (ward) right now and trying to get them all excited to do missionary work and to get them excited to serve our Father in Heaven. We have a meeting tomorrow night with the ward leaders so we will see what comes out of that. 
This gospel is truly a place for all people though, that is what I have truly learned out here in this beautiful place. I do love my mission with my whole heart and wouldn’t trade it for a thing. It’s hard but it’s the best kind of hard, seeing people smile as they come to find the truth bring tears to my eyes. I have never thought and worried about so many people more than I have here. While serving your brothers and sisters love fills your soul and I promise you it’s the greatest happiness you can find. Serve others in the places you are, serve them with the love of Christ that is my invitation to all you this week.
I’m so proud of all you guys and I pray you feel my love as you read this letter, as I write this letter with love. Be strong and look up because your Father in Heaven is looking down smiling on all of you in his great infinite love.
Love you all and have an amazing week.
Love Elder Davis.

Post 21 week

whattt half way through transfer alreadyyy.
Welll hi everyone, I pray that you guys had an amazing week and you all smiled a lot. This week for me was a pretty crazy one and a little tough one too with our work here. We faced a lot of trails and difficulties with all the people here but that’s OK and I’m still smiling and the happiest person alive. Trails truly do build you into who you need to become so always go through them with a smile and always look towards our Father in Heaven. The weather has had mood swings here and it makes it hard haha. It truly is a guessing game right now and I have come to find out I’m not a good guesser haha. Today about like 2 hours ago it just rained and rained and rained and rained and didn’t want to stop. My companion and I where in the El Centro(Center) of it in pants and just a regular shirt because its pday, wow was that the craziest ride on a bike I have ever had. Well I will just say that every time I would pedal the bike my feet would go under the water it was crazy haha. Besides the weather the work has been just like every other week here. I do find new things every day and I am learn new things so it keeps it really interesting hahha. We got about 9 new investigators this week which was a little down. We talked and we are going to work 100 times harder this week and put in a really good week. We also got blessed with 2 baptism dates that we set with this amazing little kid named Edger and his mom. They are awesome and we are visiting them today so we will see how everything is with them. I had the opportunity to go on divisions twice this week which made it a crazy one. On Tuesday I was in Monte Moralos which is about an hour away from Linares working with Elder Thompson the Zone leader here and then Friday I was with Elder Figaroa here in Linares. Both those Elders are awesome and its super fun working with them. Every missionary is different so it’s fun to learn new things. Oh almost forgot haha. Our bathroom drain backed up this week yaaaaaaa!!!!! So that was crazy haha. It backed up Wednesday morning and I spent like 2 hours stopping the water from flooding the house and then I got it unplugged so I felt accomplished haha. Then Thursday it happened again haha and it was worse so we had to tell our home owner and he called someone and it was just wild. We had to sleep over at the other Elders house in Linares that night because we didn’t have a bathroom or shower so that was fun. It’s all good now I think but every time we do anything with the water we just wait for it to back up again. Well that’s all the news with me. I hope you guys all have an amazing week and I love you all. Never ever feel alone because you truly are never alone if you look to our Father in Heaven and our Savior. Also do the small simple things always. Those are truly the most important, read, pray, go to church and receive the blessing that are there for you to receive. Be strong and carry on for the future is bright if you look with the love of the Savior. 

Love Elder Davis

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