Monday, August 14, 2017

25th week recap

TRIOOOOO for a day yeeeee
Well ya this week was a little crazy hahaha. First off don’t have much time so sorry if the emails are a little short I’ll try my best. Well this week we had a trio for a day, that was yesterday so not that bad. We had it because one of the Elders on the other side of Linares finished his mission and had to go to the offices so that meant we got to be in a trio with all of Linares. It was fun but a lot of bike riding. This week we were also able to really teach the people and help them make commitments. We were able to place 5 baptism dates which was awesome, but then 4 of them fell through because the people weren’t able to make it to church. That was a bummer but we will go back, talk to them and try to do it again. We had zone activity today, that’s why I’m on a little later and don’t have much time. There were only 8 of us there because everything that had happened so it was a little weird but good hahaha.
I do love it out here still and every day is something new and something amazing. Every day we can make everything turn for good or bad. Please be careful every day because I want all of you there when I return so I get to see you again. Do the small and simple things it truly is the way to success you have to set the good solid foundation before you can build up. There is always someone there to help you also, all you have to do is pray with all your heart. 
Well thanks for everything you guys do and always keep smiling, life is fantastic it is all a gift and a blessing. I know that LA Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los Últimos días (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is the true church on the world today. It has always been true. I bear you my witness of that and my heart felt testimony that you can all truly find out by simply asking your Father in Heaven in prayer. Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet of God and everything he says comes from our Savior. I love him and I sustain him with my heart and all my soul. Come to find the truth for yourself. I invite you this week to ask again and to search for that answer it will come I promise.
I love you all and pray you have an awesome week. Time fly’s when you are having the best time in your life especially like 6 months when you give everything to the work you are called to do.
Love you all. Be safe and have a great week 
Elder Davis

Monday, August 7, 2017

week 24

Welll drum rollllllllllllll!!!!....... I’m still here in Linares!!!! Hahahaha. Well we had changes yesterday and since I have 4 months here already in good old Linares we were expecting that I would get changed. But nope still alive here for 6 more weeks. That will mean that 1/4 of my mission I will be in one place with the same people.
I am happy that I am staying here because I didn’t really feel like packing yesterday and today haha. Elder Snow is still here with me also so nothing changed with us at all. I do love it here and these people have for sure become my family over the last 18 weeks and its crazy that I have been here that long anyways. 
Well not much happened this week. We really went out working with less actives this week and people who haven’t gone to church in a while, it was awesome to be with all of them. We ended up having a lot of success with them and we had 8 less actives at church yesterday which was big for us. Our investigators have been a different story. They don’t like waking up on Sundays to go to church even though church is at 9 am it’s not that hard but ya I guess they just like to sleep. So, we couldn’t get anyone of the investigators to church this last week but this Sunday we will change that around and just get everyone there.
It’s still been hot here and like I’m done sweating, I don’t think I could sweat anymore. It’s pretty Knarly like straight up you walk outside and you just start sweating it’s pretty funny. Its nasty though so I don’t like it that much hahaha. It is good though for us white boys because we are getting darker so maybe soon people will stop calling us gueros(white skinned haha)
Well this week I study and thought a lot about the choices we make. Every day we have the opportunity to make choices for ourselves. That is truly a God given gift given to us to test us and to allow us to grow into what we can truly become. This week I ask you in love to truly think about what you are doing every day. Are you choosing something that will bring you closer to your Father in Heaven and help you return to him? Or are you choosing stuff that can hurt yourself or your loved one or more especially your Father in Heaven? HE truly does love you all. He truly does care and he is watching you all, wanting you to come back. He cries when you do and he has joy when you do. 
Be strong and pray about what to do when you have a tough choice to make. Just think about the ones who love you when you come to make a big choice. He has a plan for each one of you and he will help you. 
With all my heart, I share that he will help you, he always will and I can’t say it enough but he loves you all. I love you all also for I feel his love for each and every one of you.
Have a wonderful week. I pray for your safety and happiness.
love you all,
Love Elder Davis!!!!

Week 23

It’s kinda like really hot
Well ya its been really hot here haha. Hey but I’m in Mexico so its suppose to be like that right.... Well this week again flew by and I can’t really stop to do all the things we want. We have been working so hard in our area and its been tough because we haven’t really seen the pay off from our work but we have so much faith and love for our Savior and theses people here. We just know that for the next exchange no matter who is here in Linares they will have success because of what we have done. Ya about changes we find out next Sunday where our new area will be if we get changed. I have 4 months here now so more then likely I will get changed to a new area. I have fallen in love with this little town though and it does mean the world to me. I really can’t picture me working somewhere else but I know where ever I’m called its where the lord needs me.
We went to the lake today haha for our district activity. We can not swim so we got to just look at it hahah. It was super pretty though and really blue so I thought it was worth the 2 hr bike ride in like 110 degree weather but everyone else didn’t hahaha. Besides all the heat and the sun burns I have gotten its honestly has been amazing here. I truly love every second of my mission. I couldn’t see me anywhere else. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and I have defiantly changed for the better but I’m still the same in some ways. I love our Savior and I will do anything here people asks me to do. I cant wait to share the stories I have gotten here with all of you and I cant wait to return to my savior when I am called home to him. I know with all my heart that he lives and he loves everyone of you and he knows you. I will never deny my love for him and my father in heaven. The are truly my light in this dark and crazy world. 
To all of my friends who are about to go on missions or are thinking about going.... I love you and I pray for you always. You are such an example to me and you all make me so happy and proud. You have changed my life by your examples and the faith you have to leave your families for a season and to give all you have to the Savior. 
To all my other beautiful friends and family I love you all and miss you. You are also example to me every day I wake up and try to make you all proud and I hope one day I get to see you all again and truly thanks you for everything. 
Stay strong. Do the small and simple things for great and marvel thing will truly come from your faith.
Read the scriptures and pray always. 
Work hard and forget yourself and get to work. 
Love your best friend Elder Davis

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 22

hmmmm another one already
Hmmmmmm I don’t think it has been already like 7 days since I last wrote what is going on here. I don’t really know where to start off hmmmmm. Well time flies when you are having fun and working all day everyday while trying to figure out what’s happening hahaha. Sometimes with Spanish, I still don’t get it but it’s still super funny I think. I just laugh at it because people will ask me questions in big Spanish words and I just stare back at them. Its awesome though and I have learned a lot over the last 4 weeks with Elder Snow. We have had a lot of work every day and in our planners for this week almost every day is full. It’s starting to be hard to find time to fit everyone in. We want to visit with everyone though and share this wonderful message with the whole town of Linares. We have started doing English classes on Wednesdays (don’t remember if I already told you all haha). English classes have been fun but only our ward mission leader victor has showed up the last 2 times so I don’t know how long classes will last haha. We have zone conference this week on Friday so we will take a bus up to Monte Moralas it is like an hour away for Linares. 
This week we were able to talk to lots of people and some who were really excited about the church and had lots of awesome questions. It’s just been super-hot here lately, I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in my life and not really sure how it’s possible to sweat so much haha. We are really focusing on our Rama (ward) right now and trying to get them all excited to do missionary work and to get them excited to serve our Father in Heaven. We have a meeting tomorrow night with the ward leaders so we will see what comes out of that. 
This gospel is truly a place for all people though, that is what I have truly learned out here in this beautiful place. I do love my mission with my whole heart and wouldn’t trade it for a thing. It’s hard but it’s the best kind of hard, seeing people smile as they come to find the truth bring tears to my eyes. I have never thought and worried about so many people more than I have here. While serving your brothers and sisters love fills your soul and I promise you it’s the greatest happiness you can find. Serve others in the places you are, serve them with the love of Christ that is my invitation to all you this week.
I’m so proud of all you guys and I pray you feel my love as you read this letter, as I write this letter with love. Be strong and look up because your Father in Heaven is looking down smiling on all of you in his great infinite love.
Love you all and have an amazing week.
Love Elder Davis.

Post 21 week

whattt half way through transfer alreadyyy.
Welll hi everyone, I pray that you guys had an amazing week and you all smiled a lot. This week for me was a pretty crazy one and a little tough one too with our work here. We faced a lot of trails and difficulties with all the people here but that’s OK and I’m still smiling and the happiest person alive. Trails truly do build you into who you need to become so always go through them with a smile and always look towards our Father in Heaven. The weather has had mood swings here and it makes it hard haha. It truly is a guessing game right now and I have come to find out I’m not a good guesser haha. Today about like 2 hours ago it just rained and rained and rained and rained and didn’t want to stop. My companion and I where in the El Centro(Center) of it in pants and just a regular shirt because its pday, wow was that the craziest ride on a bike I have ever had. Well I will just say that every time I would pedal the bike my feet would go under the water it was crazy haha. Besides the weather the work has been just like every other week here. I do find new things every day and I am learn new things so it keeps it really interesting hahha. We got about 9 new investigators this week which was a little down. We talked and we are going to work 100 times harder this week and put in a really good week. We also got blessed with 2 baptism dates that we set with this amazing little kid named Edger and his mom. They are awesome and we are visiting them today so we will see how everything is with them. I had the opportunity to go on divisions twice this week which made it a crazy one. On Tuesday I was in Monte Moralos which is about an hour away from Linares working with Elder Thompson the Zone leader here and then Friday I was with Elder Figaroa here in Linares. Both those Elders are awesome and its super fun working with them. Every missionary is different so it’s fun to learn new things. Oh almost forgot haha. Our bathroom drain backed up this week yaaaaaaa!!!!! So that was crazy haha. It backed up Wednesday morning and I spent like 2 hours stopping the water from flooding the house and then I got it unplugged so I felt accomplished haha. Then Thursday it happened again haha and it was worse so we had to tell our home owner and he called someone and it was just wild. We had to sleep over at the other Elders house in Linares that night because we didn’t have a bathroom or shower so that was fun. It’s all good now I think but every time we do anything with the water we just wait for it to back up again. Well that’s all the news with me. I hope you guys all have an amazing week and I love you all. Never ever feel alone because you truly are never alone if you look to our Father in Heaven and our Savior. Also do the small simple things always. Those are truly the most important, read, pray, go to church and receive the blessing that are there for you to receive. Be strong and carry on for the future is bright if you look with the love of the Savior. 

Love Elder Davis

Monday, July 10, 2017

20 week recap

hoootttttt and what the i hit 5 months already haha
Well hello again everyone I hope you guys had an awesome week wherever you might be. Well anyways here in Mexico it was a busy one. This week we did a lot of finding and trying to get the ward involved more and we did pretty good. We got a couple of really good references from the ward and they turned out to people who are excited to learn about the gospel. Well it has been hot here also, we are now like 5 days away from the canicula (heatwave)which is where its 120 like every day for 40 days. So we are getting super excited for that and looking forward to that a ton hahah NOT. Also, this week elder Snow and I have been getting a lot of people coming up to us asking why we are here haha. I guess it’s a good thing having 2 white Americans together because the people just come up to us. Then when they do we get opportunity to share why and what we do and its really good contact for us with the people. We do get a lot of stares though and its funny honestly, like some just stare for a while hahaha we just smile and wave to them. We are starting up an English class every Wednesday so that should be really fun and a new experience. Elder Snow and I have been having a lot of fun together while doing this amazing work. We truly do teach all of god’s children. Well I hope this week is a great one. Don’t forget to pray and I really want to invite you all to have faith. Faith in our Savior will truly take us to where we need to go. He will teach us and help us in all things. I truly love my Savior and know he loves all of you.
 Stay safe and I will be back here next week. love Elder Davis

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 19 recap

WEEEEKKKKK 1 with elder SNowwwwwwww
What a crazyyyyy week it went by so fast like man…. well I have a new companion that has been the biggest change and he is like my best friend. He is from Gilbert, Arizona and has 8 months in the mission. We still speak Spanish together haha so don’t worry. He has also been a super good teacher and we have really got to work. We got two investigators to accept baptism fechas (dates) so that was amazing. We have also really focused on working with our rama (Branch), so we will get the opportunity to work a lot with the members. It’s really fun having another American companion. We are the only white Americans for about 30 miles or for about an hour. That means everyone looks at us and calls us white haha It’s been super fun though. We have also gotten a lot of new investigators and it has just all been super well. The weather has been hot but then mixed in we get down pours of rain that will fill the streets with water. We don’t have to wear suits anymore for anything because we are entering into the 40 days of straight of 120 degree weather. It should be fun and we will probably get pretty red and sun burnt. Well besides the change not a lot has happened, it’s been fun though and I love it here. I truly know with my heart this is where I’m supposed to be. Our Savior loves each and every one of you. I know if you do your part, you try and you do the things you need to you will receive blessing and answers. I miss you all and thanks for all the emails.
Keep up your smiles and have fun. Happy fourth of July everyone wish I could party it up with you all haha but I have something our Father in Heaven needs me to accomplish here.
Much love Elder Davis

Note from Mom:
Logan is starting to mix Spanish words with our English words. I will try to put ( ) around the English word and the Spanish word in Bold as I think it’s cute he is doing that. haha

Monday, June 26, 2017

18th week but week 12 in the mission field

Welll this will be super short this week I love you all and you are all in my prayers. I am now finished with training and I will be staying here in Linardes. My new companion will be Elder Snow, I cant wait to work with him. He is an American I believe from Utah. I'm pumped because now I will have someone to help explain everything I don't know hahaha. Next weeks letter will be better, sorry we need to get going to get everything ready. All is well and keep praying.  God loves you keep pushing.
Love Elder Davis

Note From Mom: Elder Logan Davis did not send any pictures as his time was very very short. I have included pictures from last week meetings he had with Presidente McArthur and return to the CCM meeting at the Mission home. These pictures I found on the missions website.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 17 week 11 in the field

weekkk 11 and what a crazy one
well let’s start off. So, bam Saturday rolls around and we had a baptism planned for 1 boy that is 9 years old. His name is Octavio, he’s a good kid and is super into to learning all about the church. SO anyways most of Saturday we were getting ready for that and inviting people and everything. We got it all ready, baptism was at 7....7 rolls around no one shows up haha we were like o.k what’s going on so we called them they were just running late and on their way. So, people started showing up and the girls we baptized about 2 months came which was really awesome. Well with the sisters their mom and little brother who is 9 also came. We had been working with the little brother for the whole time I have been here so about 3 months. Well the mom hasn’t let him get baptized and didn’t want him to in the past. So, they get there Sergio asks and say that he wants to get baptized jokingly we were like its already let’s go right now. Then he was like oh ok I will asks my mom and BAMMMMM she says yesssss hahaha we were like ok let’s do this. We had a lot to do though and everything had to go our way or the Savior’s way more than ours. Well we had to call President McArthur, we got a hold of him he gave us the ok then we had to get an interview and bam he past hahaha. So, on Saturday we ended up having 2 baptisms which was so amazing. I feel my Saviors love,  I know he hears and answers our prayers.
 Read the Book of Mormon it will answer the questions you have as you read it with all your heart. Pray with all your heart your Father in Heaven is waiting for you. I do promise you that you well get an answer.
He lives and loves you. Have a safe week
 Love Elder Davis

Monday, June 12, 2017

16 Week Recap

Week 10 of Mission Field life   
Wellll wow where to begin. This week was a fun one to say the least. So, we went to Monterrey Wednesday night so we could be there on time for the meeting the next day. The meeting the next day was with Elder Pino of the Church Mexican area Presidency. Well anyways the night of Wednesday was crazy haha. We got in about 7ish and then went to the mission home around 8. Around 8:30ish 20 more missionaries showed up from other zones so we had a huge sleep over haha so much fun and wild. I also got to see some of my good friends from the CCM (mtc) and that was sweet. Well I had prayed a lot that I would be able to understand the whole meeting and get everything I needed to get out of it. Praying definitely works and oh how I have felt blessed. I ended up being able to understand like 95% of it haha. Prayer is amazing and I promise you all blessing will come if you do pray with all your heart. Besides that trip, we had a lot of work this week and stayed busy. We got 9 new investigators and then a couple progressing ones. It’s been hot lately and sweet comes easy haha. My Spanish has gotten a lot better lately and I don’t really know what’s going on because it’s like English and Spanish are both clashing to be my number one language I think it and dream it. I love it here though. It is tough, exhausting and all around crazy but I have learned so much that truly I could have not learned anywhere else. My love for these people here is crazy and I don’t know what I would do without them in my life. I feel our Saviors love for them and his love for all of you. You all are always in my prayers and I pray all is well. I love you all and miss you all. This has for sure become my home away from homes and it all feels normal now and the mission life is my life. I even have forgotten what life is back home I think haha. It also feels weird not to be in a white shirt and tie haha. All is well here and I wouldn’t trade anything. Always pray for our father is waiting for you to pray to him so he can bless you. I hope all is well. With love Elder Davis


Side not from Mom:

10 Weeks in the Field but was in the CCM (mtc) 6 weeks…. So, 16 weeks or 3 months 19 days out on his mission

25th week recap

TRIOOOOO for a day yeeeee Well ya this week was a little crazy hahaha. First off don’t have much time so sorry if the emails are a little ...