Monday, April 24, 2017

9th week recap

Hey everyone, I pray you are all doing well!!!! Another week in the books wow oh wow. I never felt my life could go so fast but it has picked up and keeps getting faster and faster. This week was kinda hard one for me, not going to hide it. It was honestly probably the hardest week of my life. I don’t think missionaries usually do this but I want to share everything how it is so I will. So, I talked in church on Sunday that was a lot of fun hahaha, it went good I felt directed in what to say. We had Zone Conference on Thursday and that was one of the most spiritual things ever it was amazing. We were not able to have the baptisms this week which was a bummer but we are rescheduling., This is so hard, like wow it is this hard, but it is so rewarding it crazy it really is both sides of everything. Like I have never felt so alone in my life as I did this week. I cried a lot haha and I cried some more, but in those times of sadness and loneliness I have never felt my Saviors love greater. It’s a terrible feeling to feel alone. I pray that all who read this never have to feel that, if you have to go through that pray pray pray. Then go to your parents who love you so, talk to them and then talk to those who love you. If you feel alone and feel there is no one there I promise you there always is. I am here for you I want you to write me if you feel alone and each Monday I will write you. You also have a father in heaven who loves you more then you know. I also wish to challenge those who might not have to go through the feelings of being alone. I challenge you this week at school or wherever you might be to find someone alone and talk to them, be kind, loving and make someones day. That action will bless your life I give you my promise of these. I don’t want this thing to scare those who have mission calls or want to go on a mission haha. Don’t worry it’s so amazing out here, but salvation is not easy and we must pay a price to reach it like the Savior once did for us all. I have been taught this last week a lot of things that have changed my life. I’m in love with this place and I love my mission so much. This has changed my life and changed me in so many great ways in 2 short months. I will be a better friend, a better brother, and better husband, a better father, and a better son to my loving caring parents. Mom and Dad I do love you so much. you don’t know how much you mean to me but you mean everything. I wish one day to be like you guys. Happy birthday to little Andrew, I promise you I only have to miss one more and I will be with you once again to celebrate your special day. You will always be my baby brother even though you are a big 13 now wow oh wow how time flies my sweet Andrew. I love you all and until next week love Elder Davis., Don’t forget to prayyyy

Monday, April 17, 2017

8th week recap letter

Yo Yo Yo whats cracking my favorite people I love the most in the world besides the people I'm serving here hahaha. I miss you all and hope you all know I'm praying for you each day. Be good and choose the right and I promise blessings will surround you in everything you do. Hows it going??? write me up even if you dont think it wouldn't help, it all help and I promise I will try my best to write you back. This week went by sooo fast like wow. I feel like 2 days ago I had to sit at a computer and write. I love letting you all know how I am, I love my branch I'm serving and the sweet people of this area I love them with all my heart. Spanish is still insane and I still don't know what i'm doing more then half the time but I just smile. I love to smile it makes your day so much better. So this week I challenge everyone to smile because it makes others happy and thats what its all about. I'm truly blessed to be where I am. I have learnd and grown beyond what I ever had imagined I would be able to grow. I have been blessed with the pure love of the savior for me and for these wonderful people. They dont understand all things and they dont have even close to what we have back home but they brighten my life so much and bring me to tears with how much they love life. They have been an example to me these past 2 weeks and I dont want to leave them ever and I'm happy I have another 2 months here. I think I'm speaking in church next week haha I dont really know but I will find out soon. Thank you all for the beautiful emails you wrote me, you help me smile. I wish I could go up to each of you and tell you personaly how much you mean to me and I wish I could be with you guys to serve your needs. If there is anything I could do for you from Mexico, you let me know and I will do it with my whole heart. Hard work paysss offf!!!!!! after 2 weeks here I'm happy and very blessed by the Saviors help to say that we got 3 people to commit to baptism. What a wonderful experience it has been for me to see them grow. They have strengthend me and I have felt there light in my heart and I can see them grow. On Saturday we will have the opportunitiy to baptise 2 of them if all goes to plan, they are 2 teenage girls 17 and 15 years old who are very strong. I'm beyond thankful for them. Remember this week to smile, to love everyone around you and to do the little things. Reading the scriptures and praying are the 2 most important things to do. I love you all!! 2 months down and time has never gone by any faster, I'm going to be with you all once again before you can blink your eyes and count to 10. I love you all once again be safe, you are all important to me and your father in heaven. till next week with love Elder Davis of Mexico!! NOW GO CHOOSE THE RIGHT hahaha

Monday, April 10, 2017

7th week and out in the Mexico world

 What is good everyone. well I'm finally out in the field. its crazy to say the least and very humbling. I have had no hot water and wash my cloths by hand so that's fun. I think all my Spanish left my brain hahaha. I have a only Spanish speaking companion, he is cool though I love him like my brother. We don't know what each other is say a lot but I just smile as big as I can. It's hard though not going to lie, not being able to talk to anyone and only hearing English in your head is a new and crazy experience. There is a lot of work to be done for me to be the person I need to be. My prayers are with you all. Every day I get on my knees and pray for you. I strive to serve these amazing people, their hearts are so big and they strengthen me and make me smile. I have never gone through something so hard in my life but its OK. I am being made into a better person for the future where I can serve and love all. We had a amazing opportunity to hear and listen to the Prophet and the Apostles of this great church last week at general conference. It was a gift from god and a blessing. I pray that you listened to a little and if you did not go and do because you will be blessed I testify to you of this they are called of god. I love them, I strive to be them and while i will never reach who they are in this life I will cherish each word they speak because it is the word of god. I bless you all to feel my love. I am a servant to you all,  I will always look to serve my fellow men I love them all. I know god lives. If you don't believe me go on a mission for 50 days and you will believe me, I know this to be true. I know no Spanish but I some how can get a message across of my love for those who  I'm serving and my love for this gospel it is a blessing. I commend you all for the kind words you have sent me over the past weeks I know it might be weird emailing but its a blessing to me I thank you all with my heart. You are all examples to me. I miss you all and pray god is with you. Be safe and I leave you this week with a scripture." know ye not that ye are the temple of god, and that the spirit of god dwellth in you.  if any man defile the temple of god, him shall god destroy for the temple of god is holy, which temple ye are". you are all beautiful souls and all have the light of Christ. Be good for god will bless you all. Please I pray choose the right for it is better not to suffer the great pains that come from the wrong. You are never alone and if a choice gets placed before you that you can choose wrong or right, I want you to think of me there with you to help you out and together we will choose the right. You are never alone god is good. Choose the right and you will be blessed I leave my words with all.  My love and knowledge for god has helped me. I love you all till next week be safe!!!!
Elder Davis

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

Dear Family and Friends!!! What a great, amazing, happy day it is today! I say that because honestly everyday can be a happy day if ...