Monday, May 29, 2017

14 week recap

Well here I am again on a computer haha. I hope everyone is doing well and I pray you guys all had a great week. This week here in Mexico, it was pretty wild in the weather department haha. This morning it poured down rain for about 2 hrs. but 20 mins before that is was sunny. One day it was about 103 the next cold haha its awesome I love it. Besides that, work was normal and good. I have felt my Saviors help with Spanish, I studied super hard and have seen his hand in my life a lot. I invite you all to look for his hand in your life daily for it is there and you will find it. This week I did go on a sort of adventure, my companion is the district leader and they had a meeting in Monterrey this week so I went on exchanges with the other companion of the other district leader in my zone well I thought I was. So we rode a bus to Allende which is an hour and a half away and I meet up with him. I was then told I was going to work with a different Elder for the Next day. That Elders name was Elder Smith ha-ha. What fun it was to work with Elder Smith. He is from Utah and is about 9 months in the mission field, he is a stud and I love him so. He taught me so much and we had a great time together it was just amazing. Well after that I returned home to my area which I now miss when I leave haha its legit becomes home while on your mission. I was able to have a good rest of my week. Right now, we have a baptism lined up for June 10 and then we have 5 other progressing investigators that have touched my life. This week I invite you to have patience in all you do. Sometimes we want to go fast while others are going slow. Be loving towards them and help them because we first must understand how they are feeling to where they are at before we can get them to achieve what we want to show them the love and joy we feel.... also find your friends. I have felt this week our Saviors love for all these people here. They are all our brother and sisters and some don’t have the blessing of the gospel like us in the church do. Go find a friend and invite them and help them feel the love of Christ in their lives I do pray for your success in that. You are all so important to me all who read these emails I do love you and pray for you. I even love and pray for all those in the world. Our Father in Heaven loves you even more and how important you are to him. We all have a purpose and we all play a note in the song of the gospel. Everyone is needed and all are important. I ask that we all help find someone who might have lost their note and who might be lost and love them. Be strong and have faith, for miracles come from faith. I had faith I could speak Spanish and I ended up teaching a class at church yesterday for about 40 mins in Spanish and I don’t even remember what I said. He will help you when you ask in faith. I love you all and pray for you to stay strong and to feel my love. 
Till next week stay safe
Elder Davis

Note from Mom-
Elder Logan Davis has a best friend Elder Matthew Smith that is serving in the Dominican Republic on his mission, that is why he mention it was cool to serve with a Elder Smith although I'm sure he is a awesome too.

Monday, May 22, 2017

13 week email....3 months down wow

What up What up. Welll this week went by super-fast and that was crazy. It’s been hot here lately and when you must wear a suit sometimes that doesn’t end up very good with all the sweat hahaha. Well this week we were blessed so much by our Savior. We have prayed and prayed for help finding people to teach who are willing to progress and learn. This week we found a young girl 19 years old who has seen missionaries pass her house for a while but no one stopped to talk to her. Well we were impressed and stop and now she is progressing and is building her testimony. We also had a member find 2 families for us to teach and now our work has taken off. What a blessing it is to have members who work. I pray and ask all of you at home to help the missionaries out. It’s not easy for us hahah. It’s hard but I love it and I do promises you, as you do the lords work you will be blessed with many wonderful things. Pray, for I know Heavenly Father answers our prayers in love. Do not forget it will be in his own time and it will happen when it is needed. I love you all and keep up the work you are doing. I know our Savior loves you all as I do, he does love you all. I pray for health and the best for you all. Stay strong for life is hard filled with ups and downs that teach us, we are here to learn. Do your part and he will do his. In love, be safe this week and push forward, may peace be unto you as the Savior has so blessed us.
With love, Elder Davis

Monday, May 15, 2017

12 Week letter

6 Weeks in the field....What is time!!!!!

Wow how fast this journey has been so far. It has been filled with so much that I sometimes forget things haha. I have had my worst of times and the most difficult but also my best times in my life. How blessed I have been to be sent here and to be sent at this time. The field is ready and we all must work with the Lord and do his work that I testify brings nothing but happiness and joy. Well this week was another fast one filled with happiness. OH, AND I GOT TO TALK TO THE FAM YESTERDAYYYYYY.... So, amazing that we have technology that we have to day and how blessed we are that we can talk to loved one’s miles away. It filled my heart with joy seeing the family I have come to love with my heart, they are amazing and I’m so lucky to call them mine. But talking to them makes me want to work, it makes me want to spread the happiness that I have felt. We are lucky to be sealed for time and all eternity to the ones we love but others don’t know about that amazing blessing. So, this week I invite you to work at teaching others about families, spread the word and the happiness that comes with it. I promise you it will strengthen you as you share and his blessings will pour down around you and your families. I want you to all know I’m doing all I can and working until I’m about to fall over to share and do all things to bless others. They have blessed me more than I believe I have blessed them. I love them with my whole heart and they are my family and my heart has become all about them. Serve others because that’s what we have been sent to do. Don’t worry about yourself because there are others who are struggling that need each and every one of you. You are all special to me and our father in heaven. He loves you more then you know and I also love you all and only wish the best of thing on you all. May you look with light and love to our Heavenly Father’s children. They all deserve to feel special like you guys get the opportunity to feel. I pray you will be safe and don’t be prideful because that can ruin all things. It all comes from our father in heaven I testify of that. I love him and I love his children. I am his servant as I look to serve all with love. I am at your call and I will serve all you as best as I can.

BE STRONG AND SAFE with love Elder Davis

Monday, May 8, 2017

11th week recap

Hello, My family and friends. This week has flown by and I can’t really remember the things that happened haha.  I am so amazed though at the love and protection that comes from our Savior and how blessed we are. This week, on one of the days I think it was Thursday haha sorry don’t really remember but I probably went through the craziest thunder storm of my life. How scared I was at this storm that was raging on on outside of our house. I prayed and I prayed for the protection of the people here whom I love with all my heart because unlike us the missionaries some of them do not have a roof and have only a shake that could fall with a touch. I prayed and prayed and we were protected from his grace with only a little bit of water coming in through the cracks in the window seals but I didn’t stop worrying. The next morning I was eager to find out what had happened to everyone else as we rode are bikes through this little town, I was brought to tears as my prayers had been answered not a house or shake had anything wrong. There were of course other damages to cars where the hail; which was almost the size of golf balls had hit, the plants had holes but everyone was happy and well. I felt the love for them and what a conversation of thanks I had that very night on my knees with our father in heaven. I have been taught that we must prepare and I share and hope to urge your hearts that way as you read this email. Prepare all things now, prepare now for what you will meet in the future no matter what that will be. I promise you as you prepare you will be able to take on all things that you will come to fight and battle because that is what life is be good, be loving.  I know that all things the Lord has said will come to pass, listen to that still small voice that will never lead you wrong and become who you need to be. All is well here with me. I pray every day for all of you along with all our Savior’s children, may we all look as he would look and judge not his children for what are we if we judge when we ourselves have our own problems that some might not see. Love your family and keep them close for they are given of God. Forget yourself and do his will for he will bless you so. I give you my promise of his love for you as I have felt it as I have been on my knees. He lives and reigns with love and knowledge, he knows all and I know this all with my heart. Be safe in your doings this week and never forget for the one who makes it all possible. Don’t forget to share his love with all.
With love,

 Elder Davis

Monday, May 1, 2017

10th week Recap 1st Baptism

What a blessing this week has been to a little elder from Rocklin, California. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life. I had the opportunity this week to baptize one of the girls we have been working with. What a blessing she has been to me, I know this is his baptism though. I give all the glory to Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost for blessing me with this opportunity to serve and love all here. I love them and owe them all things. This week has been the best week of my mission if not one of the best of my life, it was the first time I have ever got to baptize. I will never forget that feeling and it has made me want to baptize everyone haha. I know with our Lord and Savior this is possible, I will achieve, serve an honest and faithful mission with him helping me every step I take, I love him.  I do miss home though and I think about it a lot but what is life without hard things hahaha. I have learned in 2 short months or 70 days haha that I can do all things because of my Savior and I will be able to go through hard things with his love. I hope all is well back home or where ever you might be. May the Lord bless you in your trails and hard times because it makes you stronger always know that. I also went on exchanges this week with the zone leaders because my companion is a district leader. That was so much fun and it’s so crazy to be able to learn new things from other missionaries. It’s been super-hot here and I don’t have A/C so it’s pretty much sweat all day and all night haha. It does change very fast though the weather its weird. One day its legit 106 the next like 80 hahahah. I have had a ton of fun and I feel so blessed, be strong this week for you are never alone. Never forget the good and happy times. For those in school congrats on another year coming to an end soon, how crazy is time I swear it fly’s by before your eyes. Cherish the moments for they soon will pass and take on new things with a smile and love. Love all be strong, DO THE THINGS YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD BE DOING!!!. Have faith and hope in all things. I leave you with my heart felt testimony that Jesus Christ lives, he is everything to me, he has given you all things you have now, as you choose the right and stay faithful he will bless you with even more wonderful things that you cannot even imagine. Always be thankful for all he has done for you. Look and you will find him there right by your side, he will walk step for step with you through all things. I know this all to be true.
 Love Elder Davis

Questions I asked him:

How is the Spanish coming?  Its good I’m happy
Do you serve in more than one Branch?  Only 1 branch
What do you do during the week? He studies from 7 to 11 in the morning then work the rest of the day
What do you do on your P-days?   they clean, rest and of course they email home
What are the stores like in the area? Stores are very small but I have all I need- (Because I send stuff to him)
I asked him if he has eaten anything crazy?  Um sometimes I don’t know what I’m eating ha-ha so that’s crazy

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

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