Wednesday, December 20, 2017

43rd Week ReCap


What is good fam?!?!?!?! Well I pray, and hope life is good for all you lovely people back in the states or where ever you are today in your life’s. I love you all never forget that because I send my love to you this season with all my heart. I also pray for blessings and happiness to be upon you all these coming crazy weeks in life. I ask that you all be safe though and remember always the true meaning of this time of the year. BE good, Choose the right and do the small simple things to bring success to the coming year.

Well this last 7 days of my life have been some of the best ever!

 So first off, I love my mission with all of my heart. It has been the most amazing thing ever in my life and it has brought so much joy to my heart. As I look back on the year that has come and gone so fast this mission has been like my whole life. That being so I would not trade the last 10 months here for anything else. I don’t like how I’m almost halfway down to be honest and I feel, or I guess have thoughts that I won’t want to leave Mexico when my time comes to go home.

 I love this place. I love it with all my heart and it is where my heart is. These people are so special to me. This gospel is so special to me. It is worth more than anything in this world. I know my Savior lives. He has become my best friend and I know I will always have him in my life.

So, it’s been crazy being a missionary here these last few days with Christmas coming. It has been so amazing to be a missionary during this time and bringing the best gift that people can come to receive. Eternal happiness is better than anything Earthly that we can come to learn and receive. I have seen so many blessings this season and this season of the year is the best. We just need to stay focused on why we truly celebrate this. The lights and music comes and goes but the true meaning of this time is always with us.

 Alright things that have happened this last week. On Monday we had our Mission Christmas party and it was amazing!!!! We had a talent show that was done by the missionaries and I had the opportunity to be in 2 talents haha. Brought back my Upstage days with one of the acts by being a part of a dance that was really fun, then the other my district sang a couple songs.

We also had super good food for lunch and I got my Flu Shoot woooo! Then we got to mingle with the other Missionaries and talk about life and just everything that’s going on. I got to see some of my super good friends that I have made while being here so that was awesome also. Then to end the day off we had a Devotional which was just as amazing or even better than the party just to get back in the missionary mood.

Well also this last Sunday we had 2 new people come to church. They are amazing, and we are going to be working with them super hard coming up here to finish up this month and into the next to help them in any way they need.  

The last big thing that happened was on Saturday we had our ward Christmas party. It was crazyyyyy! Mexico knows how to party because it was the craziest ward Christmas party I have ever been to hahaha. There was karaoke and also a talent show, and it was all so much fun. Oh, ya Elder Bradley and I also sang a song in that talent show with the Elders Quorum president and now we are famous here in the Ward haha. We sang a Hymn for them but then threw in a remix for the third line of the Hymn and rapped it hahaha. The ward loved it and now there are some that want us to come by their homes and sing for them haha.

 Well I’m doing great and I’m so happy and I don’t think I have ever smiled so big and so much as I have here. Life is a gift and we need to fill it with the best memories we can. We also need to fill it with obedience to our Father in Heaven.

Stay focused and do the things you know you need to do. Don’t be afraid to stick out or be on the outside if you are doing the right thing. What matters most is what our Father in Heaven thinks of us and that is that he loves us and is always there for us.

 I can’t wait to Chat this coming Monday with my family and know it will be amazing. Wish I could chat with each and one of you because you to are all a part of my Eternal Family. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone I love you ALL!! 

Love Elder Davis!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

42nd Week ReCap

Another 6 weeks

Well hi friends! So, this week was awesome and filled with amazing things. From interview with president to Bradley and I Baptizing the first convert here in this area in 8 months it truly was amazing. On top of that I found out that here in Mexico it snows ha. Here we gooooo.

   So, to start off this week was the last week of the change so that meant it was crunch time. We had a really fun full week also so that just made it fly bye. We started with the crazy things on Tuesday when we had our interviews with President McArthur.

 Interviews are so amazing and being able to talk to your mission president there is just something special about it. So, interviews went amazing and then to top off that day we received packages!!!

 I got to say I’m truly spoiled (Loved)haha. I was spoiled before my mission from some people and I still am I guess. First off thank you all so much for your love and support. You make it easier for me to be here away from you all with your emails, Letters, and packages that I receive. Thank you I truly love you all.

Well so I received 9 packages and also a bunch of Cards/letters. I had so many packages I had to take them all home in my big suitcase that I luckily brought with me. Thanks mommy for the heads up and for that idea.

I did end up opening one of the packages there at our meetings and shout out to Sam Barnes for the spinners because now my whole zone has a spinner thanks for sponsoring us haha they all loved them.

Well that was our Tuesday filled with fun and packages. Then the next day we had divisions and I worked with Elder Sandrigo my District leader then it was just super cold. It has truly been so cold here this past week it has been crazy. Oh, ya Elder Bradly and I are staying put in our area so no changes!!!

  So, I think Thursday we had snow. I wasn’t really told, or I had no idea it snowed here in Mexico but surprise for Elder Davis it does. People did tell us that it really never does but that this year was a special one. It like snowed but wasn’t cold enough for the snow to stick on the ground but it stuck on the cars, so it snowed haha.

It has been cold here and the cold is different here it like goes straight to your bones, so we have just been wearing a lot of layers. It was fun to see snow though and we had a great time.

Well then, the best thing that happened this week is that we had our baptism of Jose Angel. He is amazing, and it was an amazing experience to be a part of everything that happened. He got baptized Saturday then got confirmed yesterday. He also received the priesthood yesterday which was a great surprise to us because we didn’t know that was happening. It was a beautiful experience though all the way around.

I give all my thanks though to my father in heaven. Without him we would not have seen the miracles that we did. I love my Father in Heaven I know he loves you too. Give thanks always for the things you have also.

 I invite you this week to just be thankful. Just for everything. Smile and keep moving forward God loves you. You are all so special and so many people love you. I truly don’t deserve you all in my life and I thank my Father in Heaven every day for each and one of you.

Have a great week!!!! Stay warm and have an awesome week getting ready for Christmas. Give back though and remember those who don’t have as much or might be alone this holiday season.

Look for those opportunities to make others smile. 

Love Elder Davis

Monday, December 4, 2017

41st Week ReCap

Its December!!!!

Family and Friends Happy days and happy weeks I love you all. What a special time of the year it is becoming! Fun of all the good things that truly light the world! Well this week was awesome and one of the best! I feel great and I’m so happy to be where I am during this time of the year, here serving others. Well let’s jump into it.

  So really quick something I forgot to mention last week... I taught the primary class here in our ward!!! Well I taught it with Elder Bradley, but it was awesome the kids are just like the kids back home and maybe a little crazier haha.

 It was super amazing though, kids are so special they are the perfect example to us all they truly are. We taught them about missionary work and they knew so much. I can say that they know so much more then I did when I was that age and they are so special. Well that’s all I forgot about that week and I don’t know how I did because it was like the best part!

  Ok on to this last week. So, this week was amazing, I can truly testify that obedience and following the lord’s directions is the path for success. I don’t think I have ever seen so many miracles in a short amount of time in my life or here on my mission in seeing the Lords hand every single day.
Let me tell you he leads us every second of the day if we let him and this work is truly his and he helps us so much.  I know that without him and my Father in Heaven I would be nothing and I wouldn’t be able to do any of this work here.

I saw him lead us to many people this week who needed us. One of the coolest being that as we were coming home from the metro on the bus I had an impression to get off the bus a couple stops earlier than normal. So, I told Elder Bradley and he was ok with it so we did. So, we ended up being in a part of our area we have never been in, Elder Bradley asks where I want to go so I start to think. Then bam I have a thought that pops in my head to cross this busy street and go down this random road, so we do it.

 So, we are walking down this road and he asks me again where I wanted to go now, and I wasn’t sure at first but as we started walking down the road we past this old man working with card board boxes.
 So right when I see him something goes off in my head him, its him, help him and talk to him, so we do.
As we talked to this man he opened up and he tells us that this last Sunday not even a week ago his wife had passed away. I felt the spirt so strong as he told us that and I was kind of shocked that the first person we contacted and the exact person we were led to had that happen to him.
 We were able to talk to him about the plan of salvation and how he has the Savior with him here during this tough time. As we talked to him he was almost in tears and it was such an amazing experience that I knew without a doubt after I was led by the Lord’s hand to talk to him.
 I know that we are all in the spots where we are at right now for a reason. There is someone who needs us, we just have to listen and follow where the Holy Ghost tells us to go.

Oh, and this week I also got to go to a wedding of my converts woooooo! Ok so really quick there is a long story to this one, but it is very good and I’m super happy they are married now. They weren’t living together when we baptized them and just about 2 weeks ago they moved in with one another, when we heard we worked fast and got a wedding planned out and made it happen. They are converts from my last area but as I am still here in the same zone we got permission and then went.

 It was a ton of fun and a wonderful experience here in Mexico haha. I will never forget this one either for it was the first wedding I have been to here and it was awesome. There was a good turn out from the ward.  Oh, ya it was a double wedding with our zone leaders having some investigators getting married too, so they can get baptized this month haha. I guess you can say as missionaries we make all things happen and do all types of work haha. 

 Well besides the spiritual highs and the wonderful wedding, this week was super-fast and crazy. Everyday seems to go by faster and faster and the weeks feel truly like days.

Today we had our Zone activity and it was awesome. We have 2 professional Chefs in our zone so for our zone activities they cook for us and it was super good. I usually try to help them also, so I can learn a few things for when I get back to the states, so I can still eat my good Mexican food haha.

We have interview with President McArthur tomorrow so of course that will be amazing and then this is week 6 of the change so that means it’s time for changes again. We will get the change phone call on Sunday night. So next Monday I will know if I’m staying or going and who my companion will be if I change at all.

Life is amazing. Life is a blessing also and every day is a new experience and a new opportunity to follow the Lords path.
 Don’t forget the same simple things though that will truly build our foundation of success.

 I love you all and hope you have an awesome week. Also to all who sent me packages you guys are all amazing and I love you so so much.
Thanks for all your examples you are a light in this world to all.

Serve others and love the work!

Love Elder Davis!

40th Week ReCap

That was a quick one
Well hi everyone!!! This week has been super fast and legit I emailed you all like 5 days ago so I don’t know if I have much. So, let me see...
So, Um Thursday ahh ya I remember Thursday we went back to the offices for Elder Bradley’s green card! So that was super exciting, but it actually ended up not being the right time or something happened because his card wasn’t done or something I’m not really sure, so we ended up going to the offices for kinda no reason. But the best thing that came out of that trip is that there was a computer guy there fixing some computers and he saved my SD card for my camera wooooo!!! So, my SD card had gotten infected or something from one of the computers here that we use so it wouldn’t hook up to the computers and it wouldn’t read or anything. So, we asked the computer guy to look at it and he threw down some coding stuff on it and bam now it works and now my mom will be happy that I can send her photos hahaha. (YES, I’M VERY HAPPY THAT HE WAS ABLE TO FIX IT) Then we got home from the offices and had a normal day. 

Then oh I guess it was Thanksgiving that day also hahaha. We didn’t really do anything for Thanksgiving to celebrate because Elder Bradley and I are on a diet thing to try and lose some weight. We did make the turkey craft project things though that my Mom sent!!! They were awesome and I was kinda confused how it went and I think I put it together right but if I didn’t opps I don’t really see many turkeys here I don’t think I have seen one here so that’s why it might not be right haha. 

Then Friday we had Divisions. They went super good and I had a great time. I went to Fillipy Carrio again the area of our District Leader with his companion and it was fun. We did a lot of contacting and it was really good and ended up fantastic. We found some new people who want to learn about the gospel then we ended the divisions Saturday morning. We then had a normal day full of work Saturday which was really good to have.

Ohhh and in exercise time on Saturday I ended up running a 3-mile hahaha. I have never been able to legit run a 2 mile straight up before I’m pretty sure but hey the mission changes you and now I can run farther haha. Then Sunday was awesome. We finally had someone get up for church. It has been about 5 months also since the missionaries have brought someone to church in this ward, so everyone was pretty excited.

We are also going to baptize him this coming Sunday. His name is Jose angel and he is 14 and he is awesome. He is probably my first investigator to ever stay the full three hours of church also the first time he went. We are super happy and excited for him and it has been a lot of work to finally get this area moving in the right direction. That was pretty much all that happened though this week.

Oh, today though we did have our district activity. It was super fun and we got to go to a famous place here in Monterrey called Parque Fundidora. Its super sweet and is huge. It’s just this big park thing with a ton of things to do and to see. It was a ton of fun though and a wonderful way to start off the week. 

This week I hope you guys have a blast and have success in all that you do. As you do hard things and focus in on the good things blessings do come. 

I love my Savior and he truly lives. You can all do hard things and you can all learn so much every day. We have the greatest teacher ever and that is the Holy Ghost we just have to listen. 

Love you all and keep smiling!!! Ahhhh and big Shout Out to my Bff Elder Smith aka Matthew Smith who is out in Dominican Republic on turning a big 20 years yesterday the 26 th welcome to the 20s buddyyyy!!!. 
Love Elder Davis

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

Dear Family and Friends!!! What a great, amazing, happy day it is today! I say that because honestly everyday can be a happy day if ...