Monday, July 30, 2018

Week 75......I love you all just like I love Mexico!

I love you all! Also, I truly Love Mexico even though it feels like I am in an oven right now when I walk outside haha. It has been a great learning experience though to be here and every day is a new day we all have to learn, and I love that about life! So never forget that everyday go out and learn something. Also, always be happy!

 So, this week flew bye and again I don't have a whole lot of time today so this one will be short, but I hope sweet!

 This week we....

 1. Had intercambios which are divisions where we switch companions for that day. I got to go with an Elder named Elder Mateus from Brazil! He has about 3 months in his mission and is a little Firecracker! He works so hard and I love it and it was so much fun to speak with him because he is learning Spanish right now and has an awesome accent!

 2. Our water in our house went out on 2 different days this week so that was interesting to deal with but it’s all good everyone because I still got to shower and get all clean after being all sweaty all day!

 3. With our investigators this week it was a little weird because they all kinda just disappeared so that was a bummer, but we are hoping it was that they all just decided to go on vacations at the same time and just forgot to tell us ha! We hope this week will be a better week with them! It was a good lesson for us though and we know we just got to keep going through the opposition and keep a good happy attitude!

 4. We got to contact a lot, so we got to meet a lot of new people and I love every one of them because I know they are CHILDREN of our Father in Heaven!
5.We got to sing in the Stake Choir and have received permission to sing with them!
 Well sorry that it was another short one... I will try to get a longer one together next week! I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Keep smiling and keeping stepping forward! I know our Savior died for each and every one of us. I know Our Heavenly Father lives and So does our Savior Jesus Christ. They know us each by name and they want the best for us. Always remember them and always try to make them smile as you go through your days this week! I love you all once again. Thanks for the pictures for those who sent me some I loved them and they all made me Smile!

 Love your Best Friend
 Elder Davis!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Week 74......It’s getting hot in here, so we just get to Work!

 Hello Beautiful Children of God! I hope you all had a great week and you are all enjoying yourselves! I love you all and hope you can all feel my prayer for you!


 This week was for sure the hottest week we have had here for sure! It was about 105 degrees every day and I for sure could feel it. It has become normal though again so it’s all good I have come to love it! We are honestly just beginning with the heat season here also so we have about 20 more days of 105 degree weather so it will be a fun time.


This week was also a very very fun one. Before I go into it I would just like to say that I LOVE MY MISSION!!! It is the greatest thing ever and I have never ever been as happy as I have been here. I have learned so many things that I needed to know. I am so blessed and it is so crazy to me to see how much our Savior does for us every day. Everything we have today in our lives is because of him. If things are going somewhat bad right now it is OK because we can change it all.

Our attitude is so important and if we look with eyes accepting the teachings from our Savior and our Father in heaven we will be able to see that the things we might think are hard or bad are things they are using to teach us. We also need to remember that these tough things come from our actions, that is why we must chose TODAY to put our lives back in harmony with the teachings of our Savior if we have slipped a little. I know you can all do, Just always remember our Savior is always by our sides. He loves you all and he gave up his life for you all and I know with all my heart that he lives now. I love him and I am so thankful for him.

  Quickly some things that happened in my week where these!
 - We had a ward talent show this Friday and it was awesome, I feel at home here and I love everyone!

 - I held a turtle this week 2 different times with 2 different people and that made me happy.

 -  For the first time in a very long time I got to hold a 100 dollar bill hahaha that was exciting.

 -  I found a car with my first name on it and also a car from California!

 - I drank some Agua de Alfalfa which was yummy.

 - We had a Carne Asada for a food appointment with a family from the ward. A carne asada is like a BBQ pretty much.


  Well that is the run down with me! I love you all and I hope you all know that. Have an amazing week. Also if you can send me pictures!!!! I want to see what is going on haha but thank you for all that you are doing.

 Never give up keep trying I know heaven is cheering you all on!

Love you friend Elder Davis!


Monday, July 16, 2018

Week 73.................40 Days Of FUN!

Hey beautiful people you guys are all amazing and I just love you all. We are going to jump into to it really quick this week because sadly I am running short on time! Just always remember though I love you all and know you are all so very very special!

So the biggest things that have come to happen in the last week are these happy thing!

1. We have now started the 40 days of just super hot weather called the Canicula! I'm just super happy to turn red again!
2. We had 3 people come to church with us this week!!! Named Cristela, Fatyma, and Michel! They are awesome
3.There is a guy named Ian Jackson visiting Mexico form Germany and when he talks to us in English It makes me smile of joy because his accent is the coolest thing I have heard In awhile.
4. We might have finally found a house but who knows.
5. We showed up to an old investigators house that we haven't been able to find in 3 weeks and he told us he went to Texas for 3 weeks. We are teaching him tomorrow!
6. I had a donut today from Krispy Kreme's and also Ice Cream from Dairy Queen!

Well that is what I have for you all this week. I want you guys to know though that I love my Savior. He is my Best friend and I love him so much! He died for us all and we all can change thanks to him.
Always try to be better, we can always get better!

I love you all have a great week!!!
Love your Friend Elder Davis

Monday, July 9, 2018

Week 72.........Summer or winter or both in one day?

Hhhhhiiii everrybody!!! I hope you guys had a great 4th of July because you all deserve it!

Well this week was crazy so let’s go! P.S. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  - For the 4th a Family in our ward bought us all Hamburgers and we also made the best Root Beer Floats we could make so we celebrated the 4th!

  - We had division this week and at the end of them to get back to the house we got a ride in a Fj Cruiser and it made my day.

  - During division the bus flew by the bus stop we needed to get off at and ended up dropping us off in the middle of the highway, so we had a fun walk on the highway against traffic for 10 mins.

 - The weather was bipolar this week and rained a lot even though this week we are supposed to start the hottest part of the year here.

 - To get to food on Saturday we walked up a street that turned into a river because it rained like a hurricane was passing over us. It was cool to be walking up the street as the cars were going back down the hill because all the water.

 - Changes happened but nothing really happened here... We are staying Put right where we are.

 - Taught a lesson last week while getting a haircut because our Investigator is a Barber and was super busy the day we went to give a lesson. SO, with permission we jumped in line to get a haircut and to teach a lesson.

 - One day this week the power went out in the house we were eating at, so we ate by candle light, greatest meal to date here.

 - Last Monday we went on a district activity to like an arcade thing. It was super exciting, and I had a blast! Best activity ever!


Well that is all I have for you this time. I love you all! I know you can do all thing if you just believe! Also remember to always have Patience in all that you do. Sometimes we need to remember to walk when we want to run!

Have the best week ever! I know our Savior lives and I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. You should give it a try if you have never read it. I promise you it will change your life!  

Ohhh ya shout out to the U.S.A for having a birthday this last week I wish I was there!!! Also Shout out too little Hunter for turning 20 this week on slurppy day!!!!

GO get a free slurppy! You all deserve it!
LOve your friend Elder Davis!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Week 71.........New Month with a New President!

 I love you all let’s just get that out of the way first ha. I also hope you guys are doing amazing and just having the time of your lives. 

  So, this week was another flash before the eyes just like the others have been so far this change. It was a really productive week though in a few ways.

1. We said farewell to President and Sister McArthur and Welcomed in a new president.

 2. We finally got out and worked with some members from Santiago which helped us out a ton in getting to know new people.

 3. Elder Kirkman and I have started getting up at 6 am to go on a run every other morning.

4. Elections happened here yesterday so we had to be in at 6pm. 

 Well more on our new President. His name is President Maucotel. He is from the states but I'm not 100 percent sure from where. We are also still waiting to hear from him because everything has been 100% the same since he has got here. I know though he will teach us a bunch and help us grow. I am beyond excited to learn from him and it will be a great experience over these next 7 months to get to know him. 

 Hmmm so that is pretty much everything I got today. I can’t believe June has past and July has arrived, but I know with the coming of a new month comes a bunch of new opportunities!

I end with this. I know the Church is true. I know Russel M. Nelson is a Prophet of God, I love him and thank him for his example. I know our Savior lives my friends and family. He truly truly gave everything for us and then came back again for us. It is BECAUSE of him we can do all thing we do and that we have the chance to live with our families forever. I ask that you just all remember him and give thanks for him.

I love you all. I know your Father in Heaven, OUR Father in Heaven has an amazing, loving, special plan for each and every one of us. PRAY he is there and I promise you with my whole heart He is always listening because we are his children.

Have an amazing week!

Love your friend Elder Davis!

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

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