Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 57......3 down 3 to go before Elder Fuentes goes home!

Hi everyone!

Well hope you guys are doing good and I pray that all of you had something to smile about this week. Always smile though it will make life better!

So, this week Elder Fuentes and I put in some good work. We contacted in the sun and contacted and just gave it all we had to find people. We have been really focusing on that over these past couple weeks and we can see that it is slowly paying off. I have also gotten a little tanner than I was over this last week (I think) so I'm proud of that haha. It has been such a wonderful opportunity to learn though from Elder Fuentes during all these long days because he just never stops working.
He has helped me with everything including helping me become a better Spanish speaker. I know I am his companion for a reason and I'm beyond grateful for him and the ability I will have to learn from him over the next 3 weeks before he goes home.

Well besides regular missionary work not much happened this week that was crazy. It was a normal week of good missionary work which is honestly the best. Ahhh only thing that was a little different was that on Tuesday I had Divisions with Elder Lopez my district leader. That went well, and we did the math that it was my first day working outside my area Los Elizondo for the first time in 4 months because the last 3 changes I have only been here during divisions. I will be honest, I did start to miss my area towards the end of the day hahaha. I think it has truly become my home.

Lastly, I would like to invite you all to watch General Conference this upcoming weekend. It is such an amazing opportunity that we will have to be able to hear from the Prophet of God and the living 12 apostles.
I know we can all receive answer to doubts or questions we might have if we prepare ourselves now in prayer to receive them.

Keep your mind and heart open as you watch and listen because I promise you, you will find the answers you are looking for and you will feel the love that God has for you. Each and everyone of you are children of a loving Father in Heaven. Let him guide and direct you and he will lead you back home to where he wants you to be.

I know you are all very very special and I am grateful for you all in my life because I have learned something from you all. Stay on the path of happiness and continue to get better and fix mistakes everyday.

With love Elder Davis!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Week 56......Who turned on the heater?

What is good my loved ones!!!
Well I pray all is good and you are all smiling because life is the greatest gift ever!
Well to begin as the title reads it has been hot here lately and that has made for some days where I feel like I can’t sweat anymore. I am turning into a tomato from getting a sunburnt from the sun haha! I am putting on sunscreen every morning though so I'm trying. I would not trade it for a thing though because I truly love my mission! Besides the sun other things have happened so here we go!!!

So, during the week we had a blast! This last Tuesday we had zone conference which is always an amazing experience. This time around they really focused in on examples that we have in our lives. We have some of the greatest examples all of us truly do. We can all look at the people who have grown up before us to learn so much. We have the examples of our parents which is huge and then also we are blessed to have examples of Prophets of old.
Most importantly we have the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and he truly is the greatest example that we can look to. We can learn so much from how he lived and what he taught. I invite all of you to look to him and to study about his life and to try to follow his example more often. I promise you all that if you come to do that you will see the good in everyone and you will feel our Saviors love more in your life. It is possible I know it is!

Another thing that happened this week is that we found a new little area in our area to work in. So, we didn't really find it, but we did find out that it’s not as dangerous as people have told us. We had the impression that we needed to go work in the area because we found out and did some math that missionaries have not worked in this area for about a year now. It is the most dangerous part of our area, but we found out that as long as we are out before it gets dark everything is fine ha. We also talked to some less active members who live there about their area and they told us it’s not as bad now. So anyways we spent Wednesday through Friday from 3-6 contacting in that area and then also when we had time when not in meetings with other investigators and during the daylight hours we were there working.

Let me tell you that it has been a blessing to work there. We have come across so many nice people who want to learn. It has also taught me a lesson working there this week. We cannot place a label on things we truly don't know about. Like us thinking the area was super dangerous and then finding out it wasn't, we can also judge things wrong before we know the truth. I invite you all also to keep an open mind towards things that you might not know. Be willing to learn and if needed be willing to change from the examples we have. I know we can all learn and grow every week. That is a blessing we have from our Father in Heaven, we can learn and grow every day. I know our Father in Heaven loves you all. I love you all and hope and pray you have a great week.

Real quick...We also went exploring in a tractor junk yard one day this week and I totally lost my reading glasses for about 20 min in this huge junk yard haha. It was crazy funny because the security guard that works there who we didn't know existed until the very end when we started to search ended up coming out and helping us look for them, he became a friend of ours. We ended up finding them in the dirt oh all places! It all turned out good though, we also remembered to say a prayer and I know we had help finding them. I know I was extremely lucky to come across them again haha.

Then another thing we got invited to a family Reunion of a family in our ward. It was kinda wild because we aren't part of their family, but they truly treat us like we are. I’m so blessed to have these lovely people in my life here in Mexico who treat us so great!

Never forget that you are now closer today then you where yesterday to what you want to accomplish. Every day we can get closer to becoming who our Father in Heaven needs us to be and also who we want to become. Everything is possible and never say "I can’t" because you can do it all.

Always smile, you are all blessings and you all play an important role in God’s plan!

Love your Friend Elder Davis!

Companion Elder Fuentes and President McArthur, zone conference 2 zones, tractor junk yard, Family reunion and repairs to chairs at a school

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

55th Week.....Lessons to be learned always!

What is up my lovely family and friends!!!
Well let’s jump right into the fun. SO, this week was laid back and not much happened so this might be a short one.
So, to start the first week of the change we didn't have meetings until Wednesday. When Wednesday came around it was cool to meet all the new missionaries that are now in our zone, so that was a good time. After the meeting on Wednesday we just started our normal work and worked normally the whole week. It was a little tough this week for us with finding our investigators. They just weren't there at their homes or anything so that was a tough point of the week seeing the work stall with a few of them.

We did though get ahold of an investigator named Mallela who has not been progressing lately. She has been super busy with work lately, so she has kinda thrown religion on the back burner. We had a great lesson with her on Thursday where she told us that she felt a little bad about not focusing on God anymore now that things have gotten better in her life, she said she doesn't want to become one of those people who only prays and goes to church when they are passing through hard times.

The lesson turned out great and we were able to be straight forward with her and we also started over with the lessons to see if that helps her. The thing we did see in her though is that she has the desire to keep learning and she wants to always be on the right path. That helped me learn a lesson also which really everyone I talk to ends up teaching me something here on my mission which has been a blessing to me.

It helped me to really see how much the gospel means to me and how we always need to place it first no matter what. We are always going to pass through times where we feel terrible and life is hard but then thankfully we will reach the point when everything is going great again. Its life with the ups and downs but we must choose now what will be a main stay during all of that.
I know that our Savior Jesus Christ is always there during every single moment of our lives. He is always there not only when we struggle but during the great happy times. We need to always remember him, he and our Father in Heaven always remember us no matter what. I'm so thankful for this gospel. I'm so blessed for the opportunity I have to learn every single day. I will never be able to give enough thanks to everyone who has made my time here possible.

I love you all, I pray for you all! Keep smiling the Savior of the world is on your side and he wants the best for you!
Have a great week!

Love Elder Davis!

Pictures: Young men from our ward were catching fish for their turtle, pictures from our area and making slime with the girls from the ward.  Won this stuff animal at the Claw game in a store here

Monday, March 5, 2018

54th week....Another 1

Well guess who is staying in the area of Los Elizondo for another change!!! I am! Well I hope everyone is happy back in the states and wherever you guys are, I hope you are all having a great time. I love you guys always remember that haha!

Ok so yep like I said above I will be staying here another change. We were thinking that I would stay here with Elder Fuentes and be his last companion because this is his last change but as the time got closer not going to lie I got a little more anxious that I was going to change.
Also, we didn't get the changes until last night at like 9pm so that made things even more crazy. So anyways I will be going on to my 4th change here which in months will be 6 months. It’s been so much fun to serve here, and I truly love it here!

Oh, also to add to the good news for those of you who don't know the last 4 months here in the house I have been staying at, we haven't had hot water. So, the last couple months I have had to heat up water in a bucket and then use that to shower with. It was fun and interesting don't get me wrong and it was a super good experience for me but I'm happy to say this last week someone finally came to fix it Woooo! So now I will be able to shower normally even though it’s starting to get hot and here in about a month and a half we won’t need hot water hahaha. Everything happens for a reason though and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.


Well the rest of the week was pretty normal. It was a little hot though and its starting to truly feel like Mexico again haha. Even though it is nowhere near as hot as it will be in the coming months, so it should be fun!
Love life my friends and family. Never get down on yourself…. everything will be ok. Always try to smile and then if bad thought come push them out with good thoughts because you are all so important and perfect just the way you are!

I love you all and may God lead your pathway this week. We all are so blessed for we have a Savior and a Redeemer who has given everything for us. Follow his example and all will be well. I love you all! Have an Amazing week!

Love your friend Elder Davis!

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

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