Monday, April 23, 2018

week 61....Hmmmm What to do now?

Well hello my lovely family and friends!
I hope all is calm and all is bright where ever this email finds you! Well I’m just going to jump into my craziest week of my life really quick! Not much time this week also so it might be a little short.

  Ok so to start it out we had changes Tuesday! So that day was bittersweet for me because I said good bye to Elder Fuentes but then real quick turned around and said hi to my new Companion right out of the MTC! It was an interesting day to say the least haha.

AHhh to add last Monday we ate Chinese food and it did not sit well with me and I found that out Tuesday at 3am when it decided to come back up. Ahhh and then again at 7 am right before I went to go meet the new missionaries that had arrived and before I went into Training for the trainers. It turned out ok though because I slowly started to feel better throughout the day.

My new companion is named Elder Cordova and he is from the state of Mexico. He is a great guy and speaks English pretty good so that has been fun. There is some sad stuff that has come up though this week so sadly I will be saying good bye to him Tomorrow and he will be returning to his home. He just has had a really hard time out here on his mission and came out here truly not having a desire to serve so he just needs to go home to figure somethings out. I'm doing alright with it all and it has for sure been a learning experience for me.

  I have truly learned this week that our Father in Heaven has a plan. His plan is perfect and all we must do is accept it and put all our faith in it. Sometimes there are curve balls here and there, but we must always remember that we are here to learn and if we are open we can learn so much. I love everything my father in Heaven has taught me this last week and I know I will be more prepared for everything to come my way in the future.

I love my Mission and I love everything that has passed. At first, we might not see what his plan is but if we have faith blessing will come from the experience.
I love you all and pray you have a great and amazing week!

Keep Smiling and loving life!!!!

Love Elder Davis!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 60.......Im going to be a "DAD"!?!

Well Hello everyone!!

This week went bye fast and I have a feeling the next will go bye even faster! So, a little back info is that this was the last week of the change and the last week of Elder Fuentes Mission! That meant a lot of flying around getting him ready to head home and also getting the area and everything ready for next change! Anyways it was a good one and a lot happened including some exciting news!


  This week was filled with a lot of lasts. Well a lot of lasts for Elder Fuentes luckily for me not yet! It was such a great learning experience for me to be a part of it all though. From being with him when he said good bye to friends he has made here to hearing his testimony for the last time here on the mission, everything I have been a part of with him has taught me something. I know that we meet and get to know people for a reason. That has really been a big thing for me that I have learned here on my mission. Everything that happens and everyone we meet in our lives has a purpose.

It’s part of the plan our Father in Heaven has for us and what we need to do is find out why. I know that we can always learn and grow from everyone around us and we are truly lucky to make and have the friends we have now. I’m thankful for every one of you because I know you all are a part of the Plan and that you all have or will teach me something. Thanks a ton for all you do!

  Ahhh also the big new I received yesterday for changes is... I’m going to be a "DAD" haha! Not really though so don't worry all is in order here and all is going well. I use dad because in mission language that's what they call it when you are going to be training! So yep I'm going to be training a new missionary which I'm super excited about. I know it’s going to be a ton of fun, I can’t wait for the opportunity to learn from him. I know it will be a wonderful experience for the both of us and that we will both learn so much and grow together. I get to meet him tomorrow so YEP I'm a little nervous, but all will turn out just fine!

   I love you all and I hope you all have a fantastic week! Thanks for all of you who write me little updates they mean the world to me! I would also love to hear from all of you because you all are so important to me! Have a great one! Keep smiling and trust the process! 

With Love your friend Elder Davis!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 59.....Happy week, Learning week!

Well hello once again my loved ones! I hope you all are smiling on this beautiful day and that all is going well! I feel every week goes by faster and faster and this week for sure was the fastest one I have had this change! All is good here in Mexico and I'm still having the time of my life!

So, a little about the week. On Wednesday we had interviews with president and that went great! It was a great time talking to him and getting his counsel on how I can grow to become who I'm needed to be. I was also blessed by the zone for they celebrate my birthday and also Elder Galicias by buying us a cake! I also had my face smashed into the cake because that's a big thing here ha! It was a good experience and I think the first time that has happened to me in my life haha.

After all that fun on Wednesday we pretty much just had a normal day, but it was kinda a tough one. We faced a lot of rejection on Wednesday, but it was a good learning day for me. I’m thankful for the challenges that we are able to face to help us grow. I know I learned valuable lessons on Wednesday.

HAPPPPYYYYYY BBBBBDDDDDAAAAAYYYYY MOTHER!!!! Well it’s a little late but ya haha. I hope you had the greatest BDAY ever on Friday and that your wishes come true. I love you and thanks for the support and love you give me. I would not be here in Mexico without all that you have taught me. You are one of the biggest and greatest blessings I have received from my Father in Heaven!

Ok haha and to finish off my bday was great this year also! It was a very low key bday but we still celebrated it a little and I got to celebrate with a little cake! I felt the love of all you and I'm so thankful for all you guys in my life.

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes and I can’t believe I'm 21 years old now! I pray and hope all your guys wishes came true this week also. I hope you guys have an amazing week this week. Last week of the change here for us, so that means last week of Elder Fuentes's mission!!! We will for sure send him home on a good note and I know it will be a great week this week for us!

Love Your Friend Elder Davis!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Week 58........How truly blessed we are

Hello, my dear sweet family and friends! I hope this email finds you all healthy and well. I also hope you are all smiling because you all deserve to smile a lot.

Well really quick I don't have a ton of time today so this one might be the shortest yet. First off, this week went very well, and we felt and saw the Lords hand throughout the week In ALL things. We had divisions again this week on Tuesday and that went well. I got to work with Elder Carlos who has about 4 months out on his mission and it was such a blessing to me to see how much energy he has and his desire to serve the Lord.

We then worked a regular week pretty much until Saturday because we had the magnificent blessing to watch General Conference! Before my words on General Conference though because you all know that was going to come up in this email ha. Real quick, today we had our District Activity and we went to a big huge park that they have here in Monterrey filled with lots of fun things to look at. I also had the privilege to go with Elder Fuentes to visit some of his areas and those will be memories I will remember for the rest of my life.

Here is goes. We were truly blessed for this last weekend that came so quick and past even faster. The messages we heard were life changing and truly testified of the love our Father in Heaven has for us all. If you didn't get to watch it, I invite you with my whole soul to go watch just a little of it and if you can all of it. I promise you if you give your time to listen to the words of the living Prophet and Apostles it will change your life. Conference holds answers for every one of Gods children. It is filled with his love and the Saviors love for each and every one of us.

I know President Nelson is the Prophet of God and we are blessed to be able to listen to him. I love him and appreciate him with all my heart. He truly is a guide to us and only wants us to return home with him to our Father in Heaven. I won’t ruin the fun you will have of watching and learning from conference any more. I just want to invite you to watch it if you haven't and if you did get to watch it TO GO watch it AGAIN or reread the talks. Then write down the feelings you get from that exercise because I 

promise you, later on when you pass through hard time you will be able to go back to notes on conference and they will help you out so much.

I love you all. I truly do. Thank you for everything you do every day. Everyday try to be better then you where yesterday and everyday take a small step forward because that's all we must do to truly grow.

I love MY Savior, Jesus Christ he truly is OUR Savior. He is my best friend and my example, with him we have all we need.

With Love your friend Elder Davis.

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

Dear Family and Friends!!! What a great, amazing, happy day it is today! I say that because honestly everyday can be a happy day if ...