Thursday, March 30, 2017

6th letter from the Mexico City MTC

It's sad to see friends leave that's for sure. This week I said goodbye to the group that is a week ahead of us. This one was by far the one filled with the most friends that we have seen leave. On Saturday though before they left I had one of the coolest and sweetest moments here in the mtc and probably in my life. While walking back to our apartments we saw some Elder and sisters waiting outside a classroom and we went to talk to them to say Buenos Noches and see how they where doing. They told us they were about to go sing for the group that was leaving and told us we should join. So of course we did haha. This was Elder sanders, Elder Potter and Elder Szendre and I who joined.. Well anyways we got in like 2 half circles elders on one side and sisters on the other side and we started to sing the EFY medley. I have sang this song many times but I can not recall a time ever when I felt the spirit so strong and when the words touched my heart so much. I will remember those 5 mins in that room for the rest of my life. I love this gospel. It brings so much happiness to this world and to the people who live it. I know with my heart that this gospel that I'm apart of is true. I have felt the love and comfort of my Savior. This week in general has been kinda hard and slow but I have definitely seen the blessings that I have needed. Spanish out of the blue has came in Leaps and bounds it's crazy. I still have lots of work to do and I'm not super super good at it but it has come easier this week then any week before. I know this is through the gift of tongues. I don't think I have prayed so much in my life and I have been comforted and blessed according to what I needed each day. I have had some of the most spiritual experiences of my life the last couple days one being the above story that I will hold on my heart forever. It is amazing to see people you teach change and it's even more crazier to have someone tell you and your companion that you where an answer to their prayers with the things you taught them and then to have another person say that later on. it is truly a testament that the Holy Ghost speaks though us because there is no other way that is possible. I know and testify it was the Holy Ghost helping us in everything we said. So real fast I want to switch to something else haha. This weekend we have a great opportunity so this opportunity  weekend is general conference. I invite you all to sit down and listen to these amazing men and women of God. I promise to those who listen with there whole heart, act In faith, pray about it and take notes, that they will receive the feelings oh the holy ghost  and will feel something very special . I'm so excited to be able to watch it here in the MTC it will be amazing and another thing.. 1 general conference down 3 more to go after this week before I will return home haha. That crazy but it's amazing. It will be sad to say good bye to these great Elders and Hermanas in 4 days  but saying good bye makes for good memories. I know I will see some again also.
 Well the next email you get from me, I should be in Monterrey Mexico trying to teach the amazing people that I love already YEE YEEE!!!! Oh how fast time goes by. Oh ya and mom I probably should have let you know before but we totally get to call home when we get to the airport so if the phone rings at like 2  in the morning it's me haha you don't have to pick up its whatever but ya your choice. Well love you all. Be safe this week and remember you are never alone and God loves you. Never forget to pray!  You can always pray no matter what. Ohhhhh I might be the big Ole 20 years old also the next time you get an email hahaha crazy crazy. Love those around you and serve all. Till next week God be with you.
With love Elder Davis

Thursday, March 23, 2017

5th Letter from the Mexico City MTC

ONEEEEE MONTTTHHHHH DDDOOOWWWWNNNN!!!! So im pretty much done with my mission haha jk got 23 months left yessssss. We partied as hard as we could haha. Bought some sodas and had a little celebration for like the 10 mins we had of free time. if the time goes by like it has been then like its going to feel like 5 more months. HMMMMmmmmm so what happened this week. Well first off the weeks here at the MTC are starting to fly by!!! Like its kinda sad but also I'm super excited to get out into Monterrey. Oh hahaha GUESSES WHHHHOOOO GAAAVVVEEEEE AANNOOOTHEERRR TAAAALLLKKKK!!! So yep just like it says for the 2nd week in a row I gave a talk in church. I don't know if they like hearing from me so much or they think I'm terrible at Spanish so they just want to hear me hahaha. It was good though better then the first one. Spanish is still coming. I'm definitely not going to be super good for another like 6 months haha but it's OK I'm fine with that. We had some awesome devotionals on Sunday and all of them left me filled with the spirit. This is not my mission. This is my father's in heavens mission. I'm not here for myself I'm here to serve and love the people of Mexico. That's my purpose here to serve them and do everything I can in my power to help them. In a sense I don't matter. I am a messenger and a servant of God. I love him and he loves me and through him everything is possible. I will get the language because he will bless me. I feel his love for all of you. You guys are never alone. I am here with you all in spirit and I know if you need it pray and heavenly father will bless you. I love you all. Thanks for everything you all have done for me. You have blessed my life in ways I never understood. I pray you feel my support for all that you guys do. I apologize if I ever did anything to hurt you or to make you upset. I take that upon myself. If I was ever mean I apologize. I didn't mean to do that. I challenge you all to always Remember to never lower your standards just to be accepted in life. You are perfect how you are do not change just because others are.I pray you all will be safe this week and have a great week. God be with you till we talk again

Friday, March 17, 2017

4th Letter From Mexico MTC

 So little back ground here in the mtc they don't assign people for talks. They give the topic and then everyone prepares one because they just call on people after the sacrament is over. Sooooooo I got called on Sunday. hahaha. The talk by the way has to be all in Spanish so ya. Well I'm a prepared missionary and so I was totally ready and prepared. That doesn't mean I'm good at speaking it at all though ha. I had a scripture and if I was to read it in English it would take me like 20 seconds to read out loud and be super easy but here in Spanish it's another STORY!!! So I ended taking like a minute and a half to read this one scripture and I am up there trying to pronounce the worlds like I'm in 3 grade again hahaha. It's not easy legit there are some big difficult words hahaha. But it turned out good and all was well. Lessons have become so good for Elder Sanders and I. We straight have been killing it the past 2 weeks. They are of course with our teachers who act like investigators but they are super good actors so like its almost real. We of course give all our glory to God because it is not us it's all Him. We are so humbled to be his servants and we know we are just his messengers. But back to the investigators. So we have 2 baptisms confirmed and working on our third. The lessons are all in Spanish so it's pretty hard but I for sure know how to bear you testimony and it strengthens me every time. I love it. Again the people we teach are not real investigators but the spirit is real and strengthens me. Spanish gets better every single time we teach also. The weather here has been so bipolar it's crazy. Wake up completely sunny and stuff and then bam half way through the day there is a thunder storm and down pours. I kinda maybe lost my umbrella also so hahaha. We had trc Wednesday night and it was so sweet. Trc is where we actually teach real people that aren't teachers haha. one of the coolest experiences of my life. We taught this lady who has 3 kids. She wanted to learn about Joseph Smith so we taught her about him. This is all in Spanish by the way so pretty crazy. At the end I was able to bear my testimony. In my broken Spanish I made her a promise. I didn't open my mouth thinking I was going to make a promise but words just started coming out. I made her the promise that if she would reread the book of Mormon and reread the introduction to the book of Mormon and pray to God with all her heart, that she would be blessed. I promised her that she would be blessed and receive any answer she was looking for and that most importantly that her children would be blessed because of her faith. When I said her children would be blessed she smiled the most perfect smile on have seen of my life. I could tell her smile was full of love and at that moment I was overwhelmed with how much love my Father in Heaven, our Father in Heaven had for this lady. I had no idea who she was but I knew how much she was loved. We just went and did immigration stuff today so I'm good to be here in Mexico until March 17th, 2019. So Elder Szendre,Elder Potter, Elder Sanders and I where thinking we would stay a month after our 2 years and just party it up in Mexico. Jk we aren't doing that I don't think. Well this week was great and it's crazy to actually think how long I have been out. I'm at like 25 days. So I got 2 more weeks here in the mtc and then get thrown in trying to talk to everyone in Spanish. I can't believe it's almost been a month though like it feels like I've been here a couple days. Catch ya next week homies.... Elder Davis out

Thursday, March 9, 2017

3rd Letter From Mexico MTC

 HMMMM LETS SEEEEE.  Well  wow i guess i have been out like 16 days now and that does not seem real!!  Spanish is coming but It is hard like wow there's a lot of rules haha. I do know more them i knew last week though so at least im learning haha. I will probably be fluent in like a week or 2 hahaha hahah hahaha. I went to the temple today and it was the most spiritual thing ever. It os such a special place and i cant wait to go back. The spirit is so strong there!.One of the most exciting things this week is that it rained hahaha it was super sick!!! It smelt just like back home after it rains for the first time and it was great but kinda sad. Shout out to all the homies who emailed me throughout the week thanks a ton. Emailing last Thursday was so much fun weird like i have never really emailed before but i guess i have to get used to it. I'm glad I got to be on the same time and chat with 2 of my most favorite people in the world. Back to Spanish real quick, The gift of tongues is so real and I would be nowhere without it. I am so humble that my savior helps everyday and every second with it. Oh yah I have never studied so hard in my life also and never really thought I wanted to but I do. Like every chance I get I like studying Spanish or the book of Mormon. Like this place has changed me more in the past 2 weeks  then I have changed in like the last year of my life haha. There are dogs parking all night and they must live right out side our wall that is up around us or something. A little back ground on this place i found out this week is that This mtc is the biggest mtc in the world in land size and it used to be an old church high-school before they decided to change it to the mtc. So I guess this place is super old which Is cool. But it's kinda weird because some of my Spanish teachers tell us how they lived here when they where younger and went to school here. There are still like high-school sports trophy's in the gym hahaha like Idk why but there is. My companion Elder sanders got his eye poked pretty bad while playing basketball yesterday and we got to go to bed and hour early hahaha doctors orders not ours. Nothing else has really happened though just teaching and learning and teaching and learning. It's OK though. I love it. God is so good and helps us so much. Just look at all the good things in your life and those are blessings from your father in heaven. Love and miss you all. I hope I have a better email for next week. Stay strong and stay Safe! 
Elder Davis 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2nd MTC Letter

Oh myyyyy this is a adventure!!! I am for sure having THE TIME OF MY LIFE HERE and IM HAVING SO MUCH FUN AT THIS PLACE!!! It is so colorful and all the house are different colors and the mtc is right in the middle of all of it. First off what is up my family and friendss??? I miss all you guys and I pray that you guys are all doing well and killing it where ever you are. Even if you don't think I miss you I miss you haha. My companion is so chill and i love him already. His name is Elder Sanders and he is from southern California so we already had the California connection on the first day. Then there is another companionship of guys that i love and they are so dope and funny thier names are Elder Potter and Elder Szendre. Btw Elder Szendre is a 6'7" giant and im a shrimp compared to him but i get to throw ally ops to him in basketball and we destroy. We are legit always together and are the funniest ones here hahaha. We have so much fun together and cant even look at each other without laughing haha. They have definitely made it easier and they are a blessing. Well it has definitely been one of the craziest weeks of my life so far. We got in to the Mexico City airport around 5 I think haha I don't really remember. So after that it was about like an hour long drive to the mtc on this tiny yellow bus which was so dope. When we got to the mtc it got pretty crazy and we had a lot to do. We ended up going to bed around 11 that night and didn't really do anything besides meet with medical staff and set everything up so we are all good. Then we got into the swing of things the next day.
 6:30 wake up  get ready for the day
 7:15 until 7:45 is breakfast 
7:45-8:15 personal study time 
8:15-12:15 is filled with Spanish class, El libro de Mormon class, gospel doctrine. We get like 10 min breaks here and there also so it's all good. Also classes are so much fun like never thought I would say that haha. It's hands on and the teachers are amazing and I swear they are angles. 
12:15-1 we have lunch the food is actually not that bad
1:15-2:15 is this thing called tall which is a language program on the computer 
2:15-2:45 study time
2:50-3:45 is gym so I get to ball up yee yeeeee
4:15-5:15 is study
5:15-5:45 dinner 
6-9 more classes and practice teaching and some study time 
9-10:45 personal time in rooms and getting ready for the next day.
So that is my schedule and it's actually not that bad at all its kinda nice having a full schedule and it helps me not think of home:(. Spanish is coming along slowly but it's coming. I definitely have learned more in the past 10 days then I learned in 2 years taking Spanish in high school. The gift of tongues is for sure real. It's so much fun to speak. Right when we got here they started speaking Spanish to us. All classes are in Spanish. All teachers are from here in Mexico and only speak Spanish. I understand more then I can speak. ARIGHT I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN HERE 10 DAYS ALREADY LIKE WHAT THE HECKKKKK. It feels like I have been here for like 2 days and I forget sometimes what day it is and how long I have been here and it just mixes all together. Like i feel like im going to be home next week haha thzt how fast its going.OH YA THEY GAVE US ALL TABLETS FOR THE MTC! HAHAHA ITS SICK. So I can check my emails everyday and I love it when I have some but I can only email on Thursdays. Email me upppp just send them my way hahaha. I know I am here for a reason. I know my father in heaven loves me and loves you i promise you all that. He has blessed my life so much and has comforted me when I need it. I testify that he loves each and everyone of us. I miss you all and have love for you all this is amazing and shout out to my mom and dad for letting me come out in this journey. I LOVE YOU ALL AND STAY SAFE. The church is ture and it's amazing! I feel the spirit all the time here and it's incredible. Till next week Elder Davis out

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