Monday, January 29, 2018

49th week ReCap ......First Week with Elder Fuentes!

 What’s is good my family and friends!!

I hope all is going how you want it to go and that you are all having a good time where ever you might be.
Well this week flew bye and I think part of that was getting a new companion and learning about his life and then learning how he works and how we work together. First off, I think Elder Fuentes might become my best and favorite companion in my mission. He has 21 months now, so he knows what he is doing, and he has already taught me so many things. He is from Honduras #Shout out to Elder Howes who is doing work down there haha.

We work great together and there has been no issues at all, so it has been so amazing. We also had a great first week together and worked as hard as we could and saw blessings come from that. I would have to say it was one of the best weeks in my mission and it’s all looking good right now. Also having to speak only Spanish now has been so much fun haha. I love speaking Spanish to be honest and I know I’m going to be able to improve my Spanish a lot over these next coming months which will be such a blessing.

So, something super cool that happened this week was we received a very special Reference. So here in the mission we can receive references for people who want to receive the lessons from us and want to learn more about the church, we usually get those from members. So, on Saturday we got a call from the City of Mexico which has a visitor center for the church. The visitor’s center called us and gave us a reference for this girl named Lizbeth. Well we call Lizbeth after we got her information and we got to talk to her we then invited her to come to church Sunday. Well she came to church yesterday and she loved it. She is 19 years old and it was so cool because she ended up having a really good friend that is a member of our ward we cover, we then also found out that she had referred herself to the church. She is such an example to me about going out and doing something to find out the answers.

We cannot just sit back and wait for everything to come to us. We must do our part and she has showed me what that truly means. Well other crazy fun things happened this week one being that sometimes I still don't understand Spanish and this week I truly did not understanding some Spanish. I then said something way random back to the people, but it was super funny and Elder Fuentes got a good laugh out of that one. Life is great here in Mexico and here in my mission and I am truly having the greatest time in my life.

Keep doing everything you all can to be in the position to fill the Holy Ghost. Read the scriptures and pray. Act on the promptings you might receive and do your part. Be there for everyone who needs you. Be there for things that will change your life. I know with all my heart that we all have a purpose here in the earth. We are all so very special to our Father in Heaven. The time will come when we will return to our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ and they will be waiting for us with open arms and be waiting to welcome us home. Be there for that and be worthy for that. I know they live and that they love every single one of us.

I can feel their love for you all. Have a sweet Week haha!

With love Elder Davis.

Monday, January 22, 2018

48 Week ReCap....Changes!!!!!!

Welllllll I’m getting a new companion!!!!

 It will be Elder Fuentes!!! I believe he has about 21 months in his mission, so it will be an awesome opportunity for me to learn from someone who knows what they are doing. Also looking forward to all the Spanish I will be getting to speak with him.

Well real fast about the rest of the week.

So, this week was awesome week 6 of the change and we had some good amount of success to end of the change on the right note. We have been able to focus in and I can truly say that these last 6 weeks I have truly grown and learned many things. This time in my mission has been amazing and I'm so happy for the opportunities I have had.
We got to be a part of the ward choir here in our area so that was also a cool experience. We sang Sunday also in Sacrament meeting for the ward conference which the ward conference was just like the ones back home, so it brought back some awesome memories from that. We also had the opportunity to watch the message and interview with President Nelson and how special that truly was. I bare you my testimony that I know he is called of God. How lucky we will be to be able to learn from him in the coming years and he is the Prophet of God on the Earth today. We all must stay true to the covenants we have made also. Go to the temple it is the house of the lord. Pray and read the book of Mormon each day and I know we will receive the help we need.

Well I would just like to finish this email of by saying the following

Well I would like to now share some feeling that have come to my mind over this last week and last month’s here on my mission. I have received many letters and emails from a lot of you telling me of how proud you are of me and that I am a big example to you all. I keep getting praised as for what I have done and what I am doing and who I have become. I will tell you with all my heart, I have become who I am today because of my lovely mother, I know who deserves all the praise for what I am doing today, who I have become today and that is my mother.

I love her, I cherish her. Also, for the examples of my grandmothers I love them for they deserve all the praise. They are the biggest examples to me and they reflect the light of Christ and the love of our Father in Heaven to me. I need them, without them I wouldn't be here, with them I will become who I'm supposed to become. I will cherish them with all my heart for the rest of my life. With all of my strength I will serve them. I know they will continue to teach me and be examples to me throughout my life here and into the eternity.

I also know I will always listen to them and when the time comes in the future when I get blessed to marry, my wife will be my better half, my best friend, she will teach me, and I know with all my heart my future children will be raised to be amazing people because of her. They are the greatest gifts and the greatest influences I have from my Father in Heaven. This is all because of my Mother. Most of the good things I have done and that I will come to do will be because of the Women in my life.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart. There is no greater influence on me, you my mother and my grandmothers glorify Our Father in Heaven to me.

I love you alll have an amazing week!!! Keep smiling Life is great!

Elder Davis

Monday, January 15, 2018

47th Week ReCap Uh oh I'm Sick

Well hi friends and family!

I love you all and hope you guys had an amazing week and also, I pray that this coming week will be amazing also. If not always keep your head up heaven is always cheering, you on!

 So really quick this week flew by really quick. It was kinda a bummer week this week for a couple things but mainly because I have been sick. Well ya it’s the sickest I have been since I have started my mission.  It’s been a learning experience for me but it’s not like I’m dying, just a really bad head cold and a cough that keeps me up throughout the night sometimes. I’m just thankful that it’s that and not something worse. Hey but life has been amazing besides that and that’s because I’m serving the Lord.

I know all things are possible through his atonement and that I will get over this sickness and can continue to work every day without anything bothering me if I stick to it.

 Well other things that happened this week is that we had Interviews with President McArthur which was awesome as usual. He is truly a man of god and its awesome hearing and learning from him in a 1on1 setting once every 6 weeks. 

Well I’m sorry for the kinda lame email this week besides that haha. I don’t have a ton of time to write this today but just want to make sure that you guys know I’m ok. I love it here and I’m having the time of my life.

Oh, we also had a Zone Activity today which was super fun. We played some ping pong and had a BBQ. It’s always a great time to get together and just have fun together as missionaries haha they truly have become some of my best friends.

Well I love you all and stay focused in the things that are most important. You can do all things through the power of Christ also he is always here for us and his atonement is the greatest thing we have in our lives. We must use the atonement every single day.

I pray for the best this week and always always keep smiling!

Love Elder Davis

Monday, January 8, 2018

46 week Recap..... Miracles on a perfect Sunday

Hello fam what is good!!!???

Well I hope everything is going well with all of you and I pray you can feel the love I have for all of you! Always remember I'm always by your sides just not physically.

  Well this week was another week full of things I will never forget and things to make me so much more thankful for my Father in Heaven. Well first off, we are coming up on changes here in 2 weeks and that's just crazy to me. Time has passed so fast these last couple months and I don't even know what’s going on. Sometimes I feel like the day passes in 3 hrs. and that there is always not enough time to do everything we want to.

 I am so thankful for the time I have had though to learn and to feel the love of my Savior. He has become my best friend and this week it showed me that he listens, and he is here always to help us. I think I want to be a missionary forever and that is my wish to publish peace forever and ever to my brothers and sisters who have gone away from the Good Shepard. 


  Well this week we worked really really hard to get people to church. It has been a little tough these last couple weeks in getting people to church, so we decide just to invite everyone we talked to to come to church. Well it seemed to work really well because a lot of people said they would go.  I just think a lot of them forgot that they told us they would go so a lot didn't show up to church haha.

Well actually when Sunday came around it looked like we were not going to have anybody show up or go with us. No one was answering their phones and then people we were supposed to meet up with never showed up to the spot we had planned to meet at. So, we should up to church a little down because we had such high expectations for this week and for people to come with us.

We kept up our hope though and kept doing everything we could do to get people to come. Our faith ended up paying off by the end of first hour because we had 3 investigators show up. Then in the last hour we had a family show up out of nowhere. They were just walking past the church and looking for a church and decided to come check the church out.

 God blessed us for our faith. God blesses all of us for our faith and if we do the best we can we will be truly blessed. So, we had 5 people end up showing up to church and it was just amazing. Well we also had a great week finding people and found more people to teach and now we just have to do our part and share the love that our Savior has for them with them. 

  Well that's all I have for this week! I love you all and lastly, I would like to share a quote from Prophet Thomas S. Monson

"Never let a problem to be solved Become more important Than a person to be loved".

 I will miss his teachings and his example. He was a true man of God. I thank my Heavenly Father for the time he gave us with him.

I love you all and thank my Father in Heaven for all the time I have had with all of you and also for the time we will have together later on throughout the time we have here on this earth and into the eternity.

Please share your love with one another, people are more important than any problem we could face.

 With lots of love and with hugs have an amazing week!

Love Elder Davis!

Monday, January 1, 2018

45 Week ReCap......New Year and Full year of mission life to come

HAppy NeW YeaR my Family and Friends!!!!
Well what a happy time of year it truly is. I feel so blessed to be where I am at today and wouldn’t trade a thing for all that I have. This last year I saw many things and I don’t think I have ever changed so much in a year as the last year changed me. I’m looking forward to 2018 and all the things that will come with it. This year will be the best one ever and that is my thinking going into it. I hope you all know that this year can also be the best one ever for all you if you just put that thought into your mind and go with it.
Well quickly because I don’t have a ton of time. This last week was kinda crazy. We didn’t have much success which was a bummer, but we are hoping it is just the adversary for good things to come so we are staying positive. Biggest update of the week is that now we have church at 12 in the afternoon wooooo! So maybe now people will stop using the early time we had for church as an excuse. It was at 8:30 am so it was a little early.
Well another thing that happened this week is that one of the outlets in our house blew up during the night and started a little fire. It was pretty lit, and everything is fine because the houses are fire proof here because they are straight concrete.
Well then, we celebrated new years in our house sleeping but I was woken up by all the fireworks going off so that was sweet. Well it’s been cold, so we are trying to stay warm here and trying to do all we can to bring others to this great message.
I love you all and I pray that all you have an awesome first week of this new year and stay positive and make goals and complete them.
You can all do all things I believe in you!
Love you all!
LOVe Elder Davis

Week 44 ReCap Christmas today

WHats UP
Hi friends and family!!! Well short one this week because there wasn’t much time between now and Wednesday. Oh, I guess Christmas is today!!! Haha it’s been different here during this type of the season, but it’s been amazing, and I have gotten to learn so many new things.

So yesterday was Sunday woo and we went to church, but we only had Sacrament meeting which was fun and spiritual. I was able to share a little Christmas message for everyone and it went well. Speaking has become a new kind of strength for me since I have been here in this area because we get to speak every other week. It has been really good practice for me and I can see that the Lord has started to help me and make it one of my strength. I know that we all have some weakness that the Lord can help us with. He wants to help us and will help us always.

So here in Mexico they celebrate more of the 24th then the 25th hhaha don’t know why but hey whatever Mexico wants. So yesterday we went and had dinner with a family in the ward and it was super fun. We ate some super good food and then played some games. We also destroyed a piƱata for the 24th so that was the funniest thing of the whole night haha. Well besides that the work was kinda slow throughout the week which was hard but it was ok. We have just been trying to stay focused before we get to facetime todayyyy wooo! I’m looking forward to seeing my fam and I wish I could see all you guys!

Love you all and have an amazing Christmas!!! and a happy new year!!!!!

Love Elder Davis

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

Dear Family and Friends!!! What a great, amazing, happy day it is today! I say that because honestly everyday can be a happy day if ...