Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 66.....The close of a chapter and the start of a new one!

Hiiii Friends and Fam!

I hope all has been well with all you and that you are all happy and smiling!
Well not much time this week again haha. That is because we got changes Yesterday!

Well first things first after 7 1/2 months of time in the area Los Elizondo my time has come to a surprise end. It really did kinda come out of nowhere and we weren't expecting it, but I will be going to a new area called Santiago in the Roma Zone! Oh, I will also have the opportunity and privilege to once again train a new missionary! I'm beyond excited for all the changes and know they are from my Father in Heaven. I'm also super ready to learn and ready to gain the experiences that will come.

The only things I'm worried about is, I'm not sure if I have a house in this area because we are going to be opening the area and then also where we will eat and where is it located haha. It will be a fun day tomorrow though!

Besides the changes we had a normal week that just flew bye. Ricardo did receive the Holy Ghost yesterday and the priesthood which made it a great last Sunday for me in the ward of Los Elizondo. Also, they called a new Bishopric ( 3 people that are called to lead the people in the area) in the ward so that was fun to see. I got to say good bye to some of my friends as well because we got the changes right as church was ending at about 2:45ish.

Well besides what happened on Sunday we just did normal missionary stuff. Today we did finish off the trio with a bang by going and climbing a little Mountain here in the area. It was a bunch a fun and it was a great last little activity we got to do to end my time here. (Picture to follow this week as my camera would not upload to the computer) …..

I hope you all have an amazing week.
Please, Please ,Please always remember you all are so important and play a huge part in the Plan of our Father In Heaven!

I love you all and I know he loves you all. I also pray you will all have exciting adventures and that new things come your way this week that you can all learn and grow.
Every day is a gift from our Father in Heaven for us to learn and grow. Take the opportunities you have always!
Love you all!!!

LOVE your Friend Elder Davis!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 65.......Every day is a new day

What is good my dear family and friends?!?

Keep smiling always……. you are all amazing!

So, I don't have that much time today so this one will be a quick one…. here it goes!

  So, first thing first… this last Sunday like yesterday we had another baptism! It was another very special day for us and we are so blessed to have been able to be a part of another baptism! His name is Ricado, he is a young man of 42 years old who is an amazing example to me. He is someone who I was able to come in contact with about 5 weeks ago with my other companion who went home this change. So, it has been a very special experience for me with him, teaching him and seeing his life change. I will never forget how happy he was to truly take the step of baptism. 

 SO besides that, the week was pretty normal kinda. On Friday we got invited to go to this little wedding ceremony. I got asked by the Zone Leaders here to be a witness for a wedding of their Investigators. SO I got to be a witness Friday for a wedding which was a new and exciting experience. I was honored to do that and I'm super happy because now my signature will always be here in Mexico haha.

Then some other things that happened 

1. We had divisions again this week on Wednesday that was fun!

2. We went to the coolest ward party ever in the history of ward parties. They legit had a little taco truck there for the food haha.

3. Went to visit the Family of Lizbeth. They are doing great!

4. I got a little sick Saturday morning from Mexican Chinese food. I threw it all up though and know I feel great!

5. We got an awesome reference of a part member family and they are progressing so great! We have a baptism date for the daughter of the family for the 3rd of June! 

6. I got to play basketball today with some Elders for my companions bday. He turned 26 today.


 That's all I have for you guys today! I can’t believe this is the last week of our change in a trio and I Know this will be a great last week.

Well next week I will know what will be happening with me for the next couple months!

I love you all. I'm also sorry that this email is kinda all over the place with the days of the week haha. I love you all though. I know God lives and so does our Savior Jesus Christ. They truly love you never ever forget that. You all are so important!!!

 Hope you all have an amazing week!

Love your Friend Elder Davis!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Week 64.............Mother I love you, Mother I do!

First off HAPPY late Mother’s Day to all you special Mothers.

I hope you all had a fantastic day yesterday because you all truly do so much for your families and for everyone in your lives. I know you do. Also, to all others who are not mothers I know you guys are very important also and thank you for all you do, I hope you all had a great week!

  To start off the week this week we had interviews with President! It was an amazing time as always, but this time was for sure bitter sweet with President McArthur. That is because it was more than likely my last time having an Interview with him because next change he ends his mission. I will miss him and his wife so much! They have blessed my life these past 14 months and I know they have taught me many things that will help me later on in life.

They are true Examples of Christ and are some of the biggest examples I will always look up to!

The rest of the week was somewhat out of the normal also. We did have to make time Wednesday for one of my Companions Elder Mahecha to do his Mother’s Day video chat home. Then on Thursday we also had to go back so that Elder Samayoa could do his!

I know though that both of them had a great time talking with their families but especially their Mothers. Besides the calls we really tried to stay focused this week in the work. It is tough sometimes though to be honest when you know you get to see your family and talk to them over face chat.

So, to distract us from that Saturday morning we spent with a family in our ward eating pancakes haha. It has low key and has become a monthly event for us and I surly enjoy the pancakes we get to enjoy. 

We were able to focus in though and that paid off with a grand blessing for us! The blessing was that our investigator Paola got baptized yesterday. It was such a sweet experience to be a part of and the thing I will remember the most will be the smile she had on her face the whole entire time. It was so special!

 Then finally it was my turn yesterday to see and talk to my lovely mother and my amazing family! It was such a wonderful time and I enjoyed every second I had with them. I truly love them with my whole heart and soul and would give everything for them. It is crazy to think that this was already my 3rd call home on the mission and that I only have 1 more.

All of them have been so special though and they are blessings to us missionaries also ha. It was great to see my family and I hope all of you got to spend the day yesterday with your families also if you could.

I hope you all always remember how important the family is. It is a gift we all have from a loving Heavenly Father. A family is the best place to learn and grow because there should always be love at home. I invite you all this week if it is possible to spend more time with your families. Build your relationships and fortify them. Together you will become stronger and will feel the love of our Savior through the members of your family. If you are away from your family and can’t be with them physically just do all you can to make your family feel your love. Remind them how important they are to you!

 I just want to finish reminding you all how important you are to me and to our Father in Heaven and Our Savior. I know they love you so much. I know they are there for you always. If you need them pray and you will receive the help you need if you have the Faith.

Also, I love you all. I pray for the best to come upon all of you this week. If you need me I am here. I'm an email and a week away, I will answer your email next week. ( I will try to do all I can to help you all. That is my wish. That is my goal. To follow the Example of Our Father in Heaven and our Savior. 

 I leave you all with a question... What are your goals that you have right now? I want you all to think about them if you have them and then make them come to pass. If you don't have any goals, make some and then do your best to complete them. You all can complete your goals I know you can!

I will tell you also, a better way of making goals is taking in the consideration of the goals our Father in Heaven has for each and every one of us.

 So, I invite you to NOT forget his advice that he has for you when you set goals.

 I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

 LOVE your Friend Elder Davis!


Monday, May 7, 2018

Week 63.....Well hello once again loved ones!

I hope all is well with all of you and that this email finds everyone happy and healthy.

Let’s see here...
So, I don't have much to write about today to be completely honest. Since we had our Preparation day last Wednesday and then again today not much has happened.

We have just been working normally and trying to do the best we can in the two areas we are working in. We have seen some difficulties with finding new people because we haven't had much time to contact because we usually have lessons planned for most the day when we go from one area to the other. It has been a lot of fun though and every day is a new day with new things to figure out. I'm truly blessed to be with my 2 companions here working and learning and I know it is what I need to be doing right now at this time in the mission.

A great thing that happened this weekend here for us is that we had Stake Conference (Area Church Meeting). This was officially my second stake conference here in the stake (area) and it was just as good as the first. The important thing that happened during stake conference here was that the Stake Presidency (three people over the area) got reorganized which was a neat thing to see. Ahhh also the Bishop from my ward I'm serving in is also one of the new counselors in the stake presidency so that means that more change is coming this weekend also.
It will keep things interesting and change is good. I know though that all these changes are from our Heavenly Father.

I love my Father in Heaven and Know with all my heart he has a plan for us and it is perfect. You are all children of a loving Father in Heaven never forget that.

Pray to speak to him he is waiting to listen to you all.

Well that is all I have for you this week. I hope you all stay safe and that you can all feel the love I have for you all. I truly love each and every one of you and pray that all is well.
With Lots of love
Your Friend Elder Davis!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Week 62........."THE BIG 3"

Yep if you have read the title before you are reading this you might be wondering why I put that. Well I decided to put that because I am now working in a Group of 3 missionaries. It’s called a trio and to be completely honest I don't know if the name for it is Spanish or English or both I forget hahaha.

So anyways the new life of being in the trio has been so interesting and fun. Time has also flown bye because we have had so much to do!

To start it all off we got moved into the trio last Wednesday. I really had no idea what was going to happen to me after I said good bye to my other companion until Wednesday morning. That is when I talked with the Assistants to President and they let me know the plan.

So that morning they came and picked me up from the offices, then just like that we had to start planning and trying to figure out how to do all the things we had to do. We first talked about the areas because the 3 of us are now working in 2 areas. Their area which is called Escobedo and then mine which is Los Elizondo. Well to give you guys more of an example what it’s like, their area is like Roseville and then mine is like Rocklin. The areas touch and the house we decided to stay at isn't too far from both the areas so that helps.
One of the other things that was wild to plan out was which days to work in what area and then the food appointments. So, we prayed for help and thankfully we received the help we needed to get everything planned and now it is going smooth. It has been a lot of fun to be in a trio. Working is so different then just being with one other person and it’s so much fun to teach with 2 other people, to contact and ever thing! I honestly love it and I'm having a ton of fun and learning a lot! I think that the most amazing thing is that I have been able to learn again and again how important it is to have trust.

This week has been so crazy and with so many new things going on, truly we have really all had to focus on trusting one another. From lessons with investigators, to the wards that we are working in, everything we did has started with trust. We always need to have trust and I love how I have been able to truly relearn that over and over again.

Also, I have seen how we need to always stay calm and relaxed and to let the small things go. With us combining the two areas we had to talk about everything with everyone and there are always different ideas that people have. So, it was so amazing to see the trust everyone had in the plan that was taking shape and to have Faith that this is what needs to happen right now.

I love my Father in Heaven for this opportunity. I have learned so much this week from Elder Samayoa and Elder Mahecha, by the way those are the names of my new companions!

Last thing really quick... We went to the temple today that's why I'm writing on a Wednesday and it was amazing. I love the temple and I love the time I got to spend there today. I know with all my heart it’s the House of God.

Well after that we had our district activity which we had planned to go visit a museum in the center of Monterrey. We did get to go to the museum and it was amazing, but we also came across another surprise. I guess there are some Baseball teams that are from the USA that are going to be playing here in Monterrey this week, I think the Dodgers and the Padres.
Anyways this whole week they are having like a pump-up thing with games that are free and everything. Like a pitching booth, batting and just all things to do with baseball. SO, we got to walk around that which was a ton of fun and we got to play some of the games haha. That's all I have for this week!

I know this was a long one but thanks for all your support! I love you all and you all are so important to me and your Heavenly Father and your Savior. I testify to you with all my heart that they love you all so much and that they are always there to help you! Have an amazing week this week!

Always choose the right and keep smiling!
Love your best friend in the whole world
Elder Davis!!!

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

Dear Family and Friends!!! What a great, amazing, happy day it is today! I say that because honestly everyday can be a happy day if ...