Monday, June 26, 2017

18th week but week 12 in the mission field

Welll this will be super short this week I love you all and you are all in my prayers. I am now finished with training and I will be staying here in Linardes. My new companion will be Elder Snow, I cant wait to work with him. He is an American I believe from Utah. I'm pumped because now I will have someone to help explain everything I don't know hahaha. Next weeks letter will be better, sorry we need to get going to get everything ready. All is well and keep praying.  God loves you keep pushing.
Love Elder Davis

Note From Mom: Elder Logan Davis did not send any pictures as his time was very very short. I have included pictures from last week meetings he had with Presidente McArthur and return to the CCM meeting at the Mission home. These pictures I found on the missions website.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 17 week 11 in the field

weekkk 11 and what a crazy one
well let’s start off. So, bam Saturday rolls around and we had a baptism planned for 1 boy that is 9 years old. His name is Octavio, he’s a good kid and is super into to learning all about the church. SO anyways most of Saturday we were getting ready for that and inviting people and everything. We got it all ready, baptism was at 7....7 rolls around no one shows up haha we were like o.k what’s going on so we called them they were just running late and on their way. So, people started showing up and the girls we baptized about 2 months came which was really awesome. Well with the sisters their mom and little brother who is 9 also came. We had been working with the little brother for the whole time I have been here so about 3 months. Well the mom hasn’t let him get baptized and didn’t want him to in the past. So, they get there Sergio asks and say that he wants to get baptized jokingly we were like its already let’s go right now. Then he was like oh ok I will asks my mom and BAMMMMM she says yesssss hahaha we were like ok let’s do this. We had a lot to do though and everything had to go our way or the Savior’s way more than ours. Well we had to call President McArthur, we got a hold of him he gave us the ok then we had to get an interview and bam he past hahaha. So, on Saturday we ended up having 2 baptisms which was so amazing. I feel my Saviors love,  I know he hears and answers our prayers.
 Read the Book of Mormon it will answer the questions you have as you read it with all your heart. Pray with all your heart your Father in Heaven is waiting for you. I do promise you that you well get an answer.
He lives and loves you. Have a safe week
 Love Elder Davis

Monday, June 12, 2017

16 Week Recap

Week 10 of Mission Field life   
Wellll wow where to begin. This week was a fun one to say the least. So, we went to Monterrey Wednesday night so we could be there on time for the meeting the next day. The meeting the next day was with Elder Pino of the Church Mexican area Presidency. Well anyways the night of Wednesday was crazy haha. We got in about 7ish and then went to the mission home around 8. Around 8:30ish 20 more missionaries showed up from other zones so we had a huge sleep over haha so much fun and wild. I also got to see some of my good friends from the CCM (mtc) and that was sweet. Well I had prayed a lot that I would be able to understand the whole meeting and get everything I needed to get out of it. Praying definitely works and oh how I have felt blessed. I ended up being able to understand like 95% of it haha. Prayer is amazing and I promise you all blessing will come if you do pray with all your heart. Besides that trip, we had a lot of work this week and stayed busy. We got 9 new investigators and then a couple progressing ones. It’s been hot lately and sweet comes easy haha. My Spanish has gotten a lot better lately and I don’t really know what’s going on because it’s like English and Spanish are both clashing to be my number one language I think it and dream it. I love it here though. It is tough, exhausting and all around crazy but I have learned so much that truly I could have not learned anywhere else. My love for these people here is crazy and I don’t know what I would do without them in my life. I feel our Saviors love for them and his love for all of you. You all are always in my prayers and I pray all is well. I love you all and miss you all. This has for sure become my home away from homes and it all feels normal now and the mission life is my life. I even have forgotten what life is back home I think haha. It also feels weird not to be in a white shirt and tie haha. All is well here and I wouldn’t trade anything. Always pray for our father is waiting for you to pray to him so he can bless you. I hope all is well. With love Elder Davis


Side not from Mom:

10 Weeks in the Field but was in the CCM (mtc) 6 weeks…. So, 16 weeks or 3 months 19 days out on his mission

Monday, June 5, 2017

15 week recap

 WHat is timeeeeee

Well this week was a good one. It was pretty normal and not much happened. Actually, crazy story, we had to go to Monte Moralos for a baptism interview, after while waiting for the bus a guy walks up to us. He starts talking to us and told us someone is sick in his family we told him that if he went to church tomorrow then we could come visit after because we had to catch a bus in 5 mins. Well Sunday rolls around and bam he’s sitting in church and comes up to us after sacrament meeting and tells us he wants to get baptized we were just like what this is awesome. So now we are having lessons with him and seeing where that goes. We have a baptism Saturday which will be another special moment where we can feel so much of the Savior’s love. Besides that, normal teaching and my companion was sick a couple days so that was a bummer. We also have kinda of lost our family we were teaching. It’s sad but they haven’t been there for our meetings the last 3 dates we set up. It been hard because I have so much love for them and they are such good people. The weather was crazy this week again. We got caught in 2 thunderstorms on 2 different days while riding our bikes away from the house haha.  So ya I got soaked a couple times but it was all fun. I love you all and I know you guys can do hard things. Keep pushing forward in and through our Savior’s love through all things. He loves you so much and I have felt his love for his children here. May God be with you this week and don’t forget to pray. Go to the temple if you can, go to church for you will be blessed in all things. I get to go to Monterrey this week for a meeting with a member of the church presidency of Mexico. I can’t wait to learn from the words that will fill my heart. Don’t forget to listen to the still small voice he will guide you in all. I love you all and tell next week stay safe. Love elder Davis


Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

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