Monday, February 26, 2018

53rd week.......1 down......less than 1 to go!

Hey fam and friends!!!

 First, I pray that you guys had a great week and that it was filled with great things. Always remember you are all children of a Father in Heaven and you all have such an important purpose here in this world! 

 First off, this week we had interviews which are always awesome. It so great talking face to face with President and hearing the advice he has. Also, I got packages this week and that has a fun story to go with it. So first off, they forgot to bring the packages to our interviews like they usually do. So, Sister McArthur (president’s wife) asked me if Elder Fuentes and I could travel to pick them up the next day where they were having interviews.

 So, the next day we got up and headed by the metro train to go get them. Everything went smooth until we were on our way back waiting for the train. We had to take a suitcase because we picked up the packages for the Zone and there where about 10 packages and just the 2 of us.

So, while we were waiting for the train to come I guess 2 missionaries with a suitcase looked suspicious because 2 police officers ended up coming up to us and asking what we had in the boxes and the suit case. It was an interesting 5 mins but it all ended up fine and they were really nice at the end after they figured out we were just missionaries and that the boxes where from our families. We got all the boxes home safe and to their owners also, so everyone was happy!

 So, another awesome thing that happened this week was that Lizbeth got the gift of the Holy Ghost! It was such a special experience to see how happy she was when she received her blessing and the spirit was so strong. We also got to meet her family this week and they are awesome just like her! They accepted a pamphlet of one of the lessons we teach and then her little sisters that are 11 and 12 went to church with her this last Sunday!

We are looking forward to the opportunity to visiting with them this week and we are so happy that Lizbeth is starting to see the Savior work with her family because that was always something she wanted was for her family to accept the gospel. We shared with her that by her example they were going to have a change of heart and now we can all see it happening it is truly amazing!

  Well lastly, I also hit my 1 year mark this last week! So, this past year has been the greatest of my life and I have changed in so many ways. I am truly thankful for the opportunity I have had this last year to be able to learn everything I have. I know though that this up and coming year will be the same. I will have the opportunity to grow and learn so much and I know it will change my life also.

I know our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of us! I know with all my heart we all have a very big purpose here and that if we ask our Father in Heaven he will help us find the pathway we need to be on.

I invite all of you this week to pray. Pray for answers but make sure you pray with all your heart and then do your part! God loves you all I know he does I can feel his love for you all.

I love you all also and I hope you guys have an amazing, special week! 

   with love Elder Davis

Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 52.....Baptisms are the greatest!

Well hello again! Hope you guys had a great week this last week and that nothing bad happened in the last 5 days since i last emailed! These last 5 days since Wednesday, Thursday-Monday have passed so fast it’s crazy! I don't have much that has happened but the stuff that did happen was amazing.

 So, the biggest and best and greatest thing that happened is Lizbeth got BAPTIZED!!! AHh it was so great and such an amazing day on Sunday. So, her baptism was after church on Sunday and I also had the privilege to be the one to baptize her. Well our church is from 12-3pm, so the baptism started at about 3:30pm. Here in Mexico their big meal of the day they eat at 2pm and usually after church everyone leaves super-fast to go eat ha. So, we were kinda nervous to see who would stay for the baptism, but it turned out amazing because a bunch of members stayed for the baptism!

 The service went great and I know we all felt the spirit so strong. It was so cool also because Elder Fuentes, a member from our ward and I sang the song "When I Am Baptized". Oh, course we sang it in Spanish, but the spirit was so over whelming and we all almost cried. Then we did the ordinance of baptism and it was so special because right after she came up out of the water she looked at me and all she said with a smile on her face was "Gracias". Well it was a special day and I know I will never forget the feeling i had. I will send pictures also because we took some good one’s ha. 

 The rest of the days were normal missionary days full of lots of work. We also had our Zone activity today so that was fun to be able to spend time with the other Missionaries in the zone. Hmmm well that’s pretty much everything that happened to me these past couple days. Well I love you all. Have a great week this week and stay strong. SMile you are all Children of a loving Father in Heaven. Remember to always be safe and to think before you act. There is a great plan for you all and you all have a big purpose here.

LOve you all and ohhhh I will see you guys in 1 YEAR!!!! 

Love Elder Davis!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Week 51.....Love day spent in the happiest place on earth... The Temple!!!

Well hi everyone!!!
I hope you guys had a great week filled with lots of amazing happy things because life is just the best! It really is though we have everything we need because we have a loving Father in Heaven!

So, this week was super awesome. First off, we had the opportunity to have Lizbeth an investigator of our and Juan another investigator of our join us in church on Sunday. They both loved it also! It was also the second time for both of them, so it has been awesome to see them grow over the past couple weeks and also has been such a privilege to get to know them. They both have taught me so many great thing and the experiences I have had with teaching them the plan of happiness that our Father in Heaven has for all of us.

Well we were also blessed by the opportunity to invited Lizbeth to be baptized and she said yes!!! Wooo!!! What a blessing that was and how happy i was to hear that from her. We have her scheduled for this Sunday after church if everything goes according to plan and she has the desire, so I know that she will be baptized very soon.

It is truly amazing though as a missionary to see how these people grow and change from the message we have the privilege to share every single day. I can truly say that every experience I have had to teach this message has just testified to me how true it is and how much joy there is in following the Plan of God.

So also, today is p-day for me here and that is because we went to the Temple today! What better day then Valentine’s day to get to go to the House of the Lord and spend a couple hours inside. I love the temple and it is truly the greatest place on earth that we can spend time at. I invite all you to learn about them and if you can to visit them because you will not regret it.

After the temple we had some meetings in the church nearby as a zone and then Elder Fuentes and I went to the Center of Monterrey! It was a ton of fun and I got to see a bunch of building that i haven't seen yet and I got pictures, so I will make sure to send those. Oh, also we went to this Famous little Sandwich place here and honestly it was the biggest sandwich I have had in my life. It was super good though, but I wasn't able to finish it so have the second half to finish later on tomorrow or sometime when I feel hungry again.

That's all the fun stuff that I have to share this time with you all. I love you all and hope that everything goes good for you all. May you all have joy this week and don't forget to always smile! Also, never forget that God loves you and that you all have an important part in this world.
Keep it real and See you all again when i email in like 5 days!!!

Love YOU all!

Love Elder Davis!

Monday, February 5, 2018

50th Week....There goes another one!

Well hi fam and Friends,

I know I say this always, but the weeks are flying by… its madness! This week was really good though. We had some great days filled with lots of work and then others that where a little harder but all around it was a great week to be a missionary in Mexico!

  Well let’s see what I remember... Ahhh ya so to start of this week Tuesday we had our Zone conference. Zone conference is always so good and so much fun. So here we have zone conference and they combine like 2 zones, so it was also fun to see other missionaries from the other zone. This time President and the Assistants talked a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how much it truly means to use. Our Savior gave us everything we need to return to our Heavenly father I testify of that to all of you and know it’s true with all my heart. Well conference was awesome, and they are special and I'm thankful that we had the opportunity to learn and grow from it.

So, the rest of the week was just filled with lots of regular missionary work which is also the best and it makes the week fly by! Also had the opportunity to work with Elder Sandriego on Friday. He is my District leader and for the 3rd change in a row he has been my District leader. He is awesome though and a great missionary, the most crazy thing is that I have been in the same zone as him my whole mission so we have become really good friends. 

Well time fly’s when you are having fun and I know I'm having the greatest time of my life right now, so this week should go really quick hahaha. I hope and pray you all stay safe this week and have a great week.

Always smile because there are so many great things.  Push out the bad things that might sneak into your head because those bad thoughts are not from the one who loves you the most your Father in Heaven.

You guys all are so important so never forget that and do the things you know you need to be doing. Be a light to someone in need this week and look to serve someone.

 I love you all and talk to you next week!!! 

Love Elder Davis

Week 101............Onto the Final ONE....

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