Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Week 93......Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!!

WOOOO Hello everyone of my beloved friends and Family members!!!

AH how blessed we truly are and what a blessing it is to have you all in my life! I hope all is excellent and you are all happy and healthy! You guys are so special never forget that!!!

Well let me get started with what came about this last week! It was a really good week with lots of fun things and also lots of learning points for me!
So to begin this last Tuesday we had our Zone conference which was awesome! We talked about working better with the Members and also how we can help people make and keep commitments. It was a great Zone Conference and something crazy is that it was my second to last one and now I only have 1 more! I also had the opportunity to direct the Conference which was new and exciting and that went great! SO after the conference we had Divisions with the Assistants and I got to work with the one and only Elder Riches my very good friend from California! It was a ton of fun and we had a great time working with Members and finding new people to teach. We also ate Little Ceasers Pizza which was a throw back haha. It was yummy and filled me up quick so ya.

Ok then now on to Wednesday and Thursday where both those days where pretty normal and we had the blessing of doing normal missionary work. We did travel Wednesday in the morning form Monterrey back to Monte moreals and then had District meeting but besides that we had two days of solid work which was great.
Then on Friday I had the blessing of once again going back to Linares to work! It was a ton of fun and this time I got to go back to the area where I actually started my Mission! That meant I got to stay the night in my very first house which was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of memories. Well I got to see a lot of familiar people which was a blast and they are all doing well. We also got to have a few lessons with some investigators down there and the work is going strong in Linares which makes me so happy and what a blessing that truly is.

So once again Saturday in the morning I traveled and got back to Montemorelos and then had a good work day all Saturday. Then Yesterday Sunday was a great day as we got to go to church and hear amazing testimonies of the member here. Also we got to watch the Christmas Devotional of the First Presidency which was amazing and what a blessing it was to hear from our Beloved Prophet!

Well It is my desire this holiday season and also this week that you all know with out a doubt that I love you all. Also it is my desire that you all know with out a doubt that I know my Savior lives and that he loves us all. I know he died for us and he now lives to bless our lives. I know we must all repent and change to become better and to become who are Father in Heaven needs us to be.

I know we are so blessed and I know that there are so many blessing in store for us as we choose to follow the commandments of God. I Hope and pray that all you may do this in your everyday life that we may all together grow closer to our Father In Heaven. He is waiting for us to draw closer to him and he is there to bless us.
I hope you all have an amazing week!
LOVE your friend, ELder Davis


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