Monday, July 10, 2017

20 week recap

hoootttttt and what the i hit 5 months already haha
Well hello again everyone I hope you guys had an awesome week wherever you might be. Well anyways here in Mexico it was a busy one. This week we did a lot of finding and trying to get the ward involved more and we did pretty good. We got a couple of really good references from the ward and they turned out to people who are excited to learn about the gospel. Well it has been hot here also, we are now like 5 days away from the canicula (heatwave)which is where its 120 like every day for 40 days. So we are getting super excited for that and looking forward to that a ton hahah NOT. Also, this week elder Snow and I have been getting a lot of people coming up to us asking why we are here haha. I guess it’s a good thing having 2 white Americans together because the people just come up to us. Then when they do we get opportunity to share why and what we do and its really good contact for us with the people. We do get a lot of stares though and its funny honestly, like some just stare for a while hahaha we just smile and wave to them. We are starting up an English class every Wednesday so that should be really fun and a new experience. Elder Snow and I have been having a lot of fun together while doing this amazing work. We truly do teach all of god’s children. Well I hope this week is a great one. Don’t forget to pray and I really want to invite you all to have faith. Faith in our Savior will truly take us to where we need to go. He will teach us and help us in all things. I truly love my Savior and know he loves all of you.
 Stay safe and I will be back here next week. love Elder Davis

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