Monday, July 24, 2017

Post 21 week

whattt half way through transfer alreadyyy.
Welll hi everyone, I pray that you guys had an amazing week and you all smiled a lot. This week for me was a pretty crazy one and a little tough one too with our work here. We faced a lot of trails and difficulties with all the people here but that’s OK and I’m still smiling and the happiest person alive. Trails truly do build you into who you need to become so always go through them with a smile and always look towards our Father in Heaven. The weather has had mood swings here and it makes it hard haha. It truly is a guessing game right now and I have come to find out I’m not a good guesser haha. Today about like 2 hours ago it just rained and rained and rained and rained and didn’t want to stop. My companion and I where in the El Centro(Center) of it in pants and just a regular shirt because its pday, wow was that the craziest ride on a bike I have ever had. Well I will just say that every time I would pedal the bike my feet would go under the water it was crazy haha. Besides the weather the work has been just like every other week here. I do find new things every day and I am learn new things so it keeps it really interesting hahha. We got about 9 new investigators this week which was a little down. We talked and we are going to work 100 times harder this week and put in a really good week. We also got blessed with 2 baptism dates that we set with this amazing little kid named Edger and his mom. They are awesome and we are visiting them today so we will see how everything is with them. I had the opportunity to go on divisions twice this week which made it a crazy one. On Tuesday I was in Monte Moralos which is about an hour away from Linares working with Elder Thompson the Zone leader here and then Friday I was with Elder Figaroa here in Linares. Both those Elders are awesome and its super fun working with them. Every missionary is different so it’s fun to learn new things. Oh almost forgot haha. Our bathroom drain backed up this week yaaaaaaa!!!!! So that was crazy haha. It backed up Wednesday morning and I spent like 2 hours stopping the water from flooding the house and then I got it unplugged so I felt accomplished haha. Then Thursday it happened again haha and it was worse so we had to tell our home owner and he called someone and it was just wild. We had to sleep over at the other Elders house in Linares that night because we didn’t have a bathroom or shower so that was fun. It’s all good now I think but every time we do anything with the water we just wait for it to back up again. Well that’s all the news with me. I hope you guys all have an amazing week and I love you all. Never ever feel alone because you truly are never alone if you look to our Father in Heaven and our Savior. Also do the small simple things always. Those are truly the most important, read, pray, go to church and receive the blessing that are there for you to receive. Be strong and carry on for the future is bright if you look with the love of the Savior. 

Love Elder Davis

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