Thursday, March 2, 2017

2nd MTC Letter

Oh myyyyy this is a adventure!!! I am for sure having THE TIME OF MY LIFE HERE and IM HAVING SO MUCH FUN AT THIS PLACE!!! It is so colorful and all the house are different colors and the mtc is right in the middle of all of it. First off what is up my family and friendss??? I miss all you guys and I pray that you guys are all doing well and killing it where ever you are. Even if you don't think I miss you I miss you haha. My companion is so chill and i love him already. His name is Elder Sanders and he is from southern California so we already had the California connection on the first day. Then there is another companionship of guys that i love and they are so dope and funny thier names are Elder Potter and Elder Szendre. Btw Elder Szendre is a 6'7" giant and im a shrimp compared to him but i get to throw ally ops to him in basketball and we destroy. We are legit always together and are the funniest ones here hahaha. We have so much fun together and cant even look at each other without laughing haha. They have definitely made it easier and they are a blessing. Well it has definitely been one of the craziest weeks of my life so far. We got in to the Mexico City airport around 5 I think haha I don't really remember. So after that it was about like an hour long drive to the mtc on this tiny yellow bus which was so dope. When we got to the mtc it got pretty crazy and we had a lot to do. We ended up going to bed around 11 that night and didn't really do anything besides meet with medical staff and set everything up so we are all good. Then we got into the swing of things the next day.
 6:30 wake up  get ready for the day
 7:15 until 7:45 is breakfast 
7:45-8:15 personal study time 
8:15-12:15 is filled with Spanish class, El libro de Mormon class, gospel doctrine. We get like 10 min breaks here and there also so it's all good. Also classes are so much fun like never thought I would say that haha. It's hands on and the teachers are amazing and I swear they are angles. 
12:15-1 we have lunch the food is actually not that bad
1:15-2:15 is this thing called tall which is a language program on the computer 
2:15-2:45 study time
2:50-3:45 is gym so I get to ball up yee yeeeee
4:15-5:15 is study
5:15-5:45 dinner 
6-9 more classes and practice teaching and some study time 
9-10:45 personal time in rooms and getting ready for the next day.
So that is my schedule and it's actually not that bad at all its kinda nice having a full schedule and it helps me not think of home:(. Spanish is coming along slowly but it's coming. I definitely have learned more in the past 10 days then I learned in 2 years taking Spanish in high school. The gift of tongues is for sure real. It's so much fun to speak. Right when we got here they started speaking Spanish to us. All classes are in Spanish. All teachers are from here in Mexico and only speak Spanish. I understand more then I can speak. ARIGHT I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN HERE 10 DAYS ALREADY LIKE WHAT THE HECKKKKK. It feels like I have been here for like 2 days and I forget sometimes what day it is and how long I have been here and it just mixes all together. Like i feel like im going to be home next week haha thzt how fast its going.OH YA THEY GAVE US ALL TABLETS FOR THE MTC! HAHAHA ITS SICK. So I can check my emails everyday and I love it when I have some but I can only email on Thursdays. Email me upppp just send them my way hahaha. I know I am here for a reason. I know my father in heaven loves me and loves you i promise you all that. He has blessed my life so much and has comforted me when I need it. I testify that he loves each and everyone of us. I miss you all and have love for you all this is amazing and shout out to my mom and dad for letting me come out in this journey. I LOVE YOU ALL AND STAY SAFE. The church is ture and it's amazing! I feel the spirit all the time here and it's incredible. Till next week Elder Davis out

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