Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Week 98......If you only had 1 shot, 1 Chance, 1 month left ,what would you do?

So here we are once again In a New Year full of new things to come! I hope you all had a great holiday season and for those who started school once again today, I hope you all kill it this year and that you all enjoy it!

The New year is a happy time so all you need to remember is to be happy and smile as much as possible that is my challenge to you all for this week just to be happy and take on whatever comes your way!

This week was another great week here In Monte Morelos the greatest Pueblo (People) in the world! We had lots of fun and lots of things to do which meant we ended up traveling a bit. I think all together the time I was on a bus this week was about 6 hours through out a couple days. That is because we had Liderazgo (Leadership) this week In Monterrey and also had the chance to do Intercambios (exchanges) with Allende. The other days this week where full of ups and downs but many lessons for us as a zone and as missionaries here In Montemorelos.

We did see the fruits of the work we did as this coming Sunday our friend Marcela will be getting baptized! I am super excited for that and her story is awesome and it all started by us just doing service washing her car over a month ago! We also have seen other friends here grow through out the weeks and are hoping that they also may choose to come unto to Christ a little more in the coming weeks. I also had the opportunity to do a Baptism Interview which was another amazing experience and the ones I will never forget. His name is Jesus and will be getting baptized this coming Sunday as well!

We are seeing the Lords hand in the work here and also through out the Zone as we are seeing more and more people wanting to learn about our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.
I love being a Missionary and there is nothing that can beat this time I have had out here and the time I have left.

Coming this week we will also be able to go to Monterrey once again but this time to have our Zone Conference. This means that this Friday I will go to my very last Zone Conference of my mission here in Monterrey. I will also get to share my "Final Testimony" at the end to everyone which is crazy to think about, that I am already onto my last transfer.

It has gone by so fast but there is still work to do so I must Perseverar hasta el fin (Persevere to the end)!

I love everything that has happened and I am excited to see what will come to pass over this last Month! It truly has been the best 2 years of my life and I know God has blessed my life so much. I know as we do the Lords will, he will guide us and help us become who he needs us to be!
I love you all! Have a great week!
With Love your Friend Elder Davis!

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